History Channel: January 2015 TV Highlights

In January next year, you will be able to find out the hidden stories behind famous American icons such as the National Flag and the Civil War.

Tune into the History Channel (StarHub Channel 401) for these stories, and much more.

Here are the upcoming January 2015 highlights of the History Channel.

United Stuff of America

Premieres 6 January
Tuesdays, 10.00pm 
Credit: HISTORY.

United Stuff of America. Credit: HISTORY.

Every episode reveals a chapter of American history… as told through one of ten objects selected for the show. Each story is told through a trio of impassioned experts and the objects include a wooden cane that took down a would-be assassin.

Storage Wars S5

Premieres 20 January 
Tuesdays, 9.00pm 
Credit: HISTORY.

Storage Wars S5. Credit: HISTORY.

Returning with a brand new season, Storage Wars S5 features charismatic buyers searching for the best unclaimed deals hidden in storage lockers. Buyers must bid for the items inside the locker – after only a very brief glance to assess the value inside.

10 Things You Don’t Know About S3

Premieres 29 January
Thursdays, 9.00pm 
10 Things You Didn't Know About. Credit: HISTORY.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About. Credit: HISTORY.

Returning with a new season, this intriguing show delves into the shadowy and little-known world of some of history’s most renowned figures and places – and uncovers hidden truths by Maverick historian, David Eisenbach, about icons such as the American flag, the American civil war and the moon.

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