How To Hydrate Yourself More

The average person needs an estimated six to eight glasses of water or fluids per day. This is roughly equivalent to two litres of fluids.

But if you run or do sports regularly, you will need more – to replenish the water that has been lost through sweat. It is recommended that you will need an additional 200mL of water for every hour that you exercise.

However most of us are not drinking enough though. And a lack of fluids may lead to some feelings of dehydration, which, in turn, can lead to symptoms such as headaches and a poorly functioning digestive system.

So then, how do you hydrate yourself better? Here are some quick tips that you may want to follow.

1) Buy a water bottle

If you fill up a reusable bottle with water and carry this around with you throughout the day, you are more likely to drink from it – as compared to if you rely on buying drinks from say the supermarket or convenience shop whenever you are thirsty.

2) Put Lemons in your water

If you think that plain water is tasteless, why not add some lemon to it? Not only does lemon add some taste to the water, but it also contains Vitamin C to boost your immunity at the same time.

3) Eat foods containing lots of water

Eating foods that has plenty of water will also help you to increase the amount of fluids that you need. For example, these include watermelons, oranges, rock melon, lettuce and cucumber.

4) Add Flavour To your ice cubes

By adding slices of fruits such as lemon or orange to your ice cubes, this will make the ice cubes not only look more attractive and make you more likely to drink it because it ‘looks so pretty’ – but it also give you some extra vitamins and minerals at the same time, especially if you squeeze a little juice into the cubes too.

5) Track your water intake

By keeping a food  & beverage diary and marking down whenever you have had a glass of water or other drinks, this will ensure that you can keep track of whether you are hydrating yourself adequately. And if you find you are not getting enough water, you are more likely to reach for that glass or cup of water.

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