How To Stay Healthy and Improve Your LifeStyle For The New Year Ahead

Staying healthy is much more than simply eating well and exercising right. Rather, it is about improving the quality of your life as a whole. That said, here are some wellness tips for you if you are resolving to overhaul and improve your life in the new year ahead.

Choose a healthy breakfast

Choose a healthy breakfast for a nutritious start to the day. Some healthy meal options include home made fruit and vegetable smoothies with ingredients such as kale, beetroot and carrots or rather, any fruit of your choice.

Sleep early and wake up early

Also try to sleep early and wake up early. It may be tempting to stay up at nights and spend a couple of hours checking your social media accounts, but this is not necessary and will only eat away into valuable sleep time. Most of us are not getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep.

After all, as the famous saying goes, ‘the early bird always catches the worm.’

Change your mindset to life

If you think that working out and healthy eating is overwhelming you, you need to change your mindset.

Instead of looking at fad diets and painstakingly counting calories, try and simply eat healthily, by avoiding processed or packaged foods such as instant noodles, sausages and canned meats.

Instead, simply eat real foods, such as lots of fruits and vegetables, nuts, as well as quality probiotics that will improve your gut health.

Rearrange your home

By making a few changes to your living space, you can improve how your live. For example, having plants indoors can improve your air quality even if you stay in a HDB flat.

Surround yourself with music

Listening to music can be relaxing. It can reduce stress or anxiety, and also benefits your heart rate and breathing patterns. So why not have the sounds and vibrations of singing bowls, chimes and gongs in your house?

Reorganise your holidays

Your vacation does not have to take you away from your healthy approach to life. In fact you can choose holidays to get closer to nature for example by visiting an eco resort and attending a yoga training clinic. The purpose of such trips are to reconnect with nature and to also improve yourself spiritually.

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