How To Choose Diamonds: A Talk By JannPaul Diamonds

What makes a perfect diamond? And how do you know that you are getting a diamond that is value for your money?

At a talk by the experts at JannPaul Diamonds, we were taught some of the basics of shopping for diamonds and what to look out for, when buying these precious gemstones.

What makes a perfect diamond? (Credit: JannPaul Diamonds)

What makes a perfect diamond? (Credit: JannPaul Diamonds)

This company is a connoisseur of diamonds and they use a variety of tools to separate the good quality diamonds from the not so good ones.

Here are some of the highlights of the talk given by JannPaul Diamonds.

Choosing diamonds: The Four ‘C’s

The four important ‘C’s to take note of, when choosing a diamond are the carat, colour, clarity and cut.

  • Carat – The weight of the diamond. The higher the carat weight of the diamond, the more the diamond is worth.
  • Colour – How white the diamond looks. The more pure the diamond is, the whiter it looks. The most pure diamond should resemble a drop of plain water.
  • Clarity – The fewer the blemishes the diamond has, the higher quality it is. However do note that there is no perfect diamond, though.
  • Cut – A well-cut diamond is able to interact well with light and sparkle in a symmetrical manner. This factor is very crucial to the final external beauty of the diamond.

Sorting out the good diamonds from the bad diamonds

The cut is the most important aspect of choosing a diamond. But generally, while this can be determined via the Holloway Cut Advisor (HCA) Tool, with ‘Excellent’ grade being the top category, you can’t tell for sure, whether the diamond you are buying is at the top or the bottom of the ‘Excellent’ grade. But you’ll be spared this uncertainty at JannPaul’s because only top-tiered diamonds – such as the Super Ideal Cut Diamond, are offered.

Detecting diamonds with bad light leakages

Once you have sorted out the good diamonds and weeded out the bad ones, the Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET) can be used to detect the diamonds that have light leakages. The more light leakages a diamond has, the lower is its quality.

Most vendors do not offer this tool for examination of a diamond, but at JannPaul’s, the ASET scope is available.

Using the ASET tool, a diamond that contains severe light leakages is easily detected in the form of white circles at the edges of the diamond.

Seen through the ASET tool too, the light returned from the diamond is reflected as red colour and light contrast is reflected as black colour. A good diamond should consist solely of red and black colours – no white ones.

Checking on how symmetrical the diamond is

To check on how symmetrical the diamond looks, the Hearts & Arrow Scope is used.

Generally, if you can see a distinctive pattern of hearts and arrows on the diamond through this scope, this means that there is an even distribution of Fire, Light Return and Scintillation throughout the diamond – which are all hallmarks of a good quality diamond, according to Casey Lai, one of JannPaul’s partners.

Hearts & Arrows is a generic term used by the diamond industry and this generally refers to diamonds that exhibit a crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows.

Types of diamond cuts at JannPaul

The types of diamond cuts available at JannPaul include the following exclusive cuts:

The Super Ideal Cut – Perfect Hearts & Arrows Diamond

A perfect hearts & arrows diamond, as seen through the scope. (Credit: JannPaul).

A perfect hearts & arrows diamond, as seen through the scope. (Credit: JannPaul).

This is JannPaul’s signature diamond cut, whereby a perfect balance is created, between optimum brilliance and the scattering of light in the diamond.

So when you look through this diamond with a Hearts & Arrows scope, you will see a pattern of eight symmetrical hearts and arrows.

While it is JannPaul’s speciality, the Super Ideal Cut is very rare and accounts for less than 0.001% of the world’s diamond supply.

The Solasferas Diamond

A solasferas diamond is unique, because it reflects light much better than any other diamond cut – and so this gives the diamond optimum brilliance, fire and sparkle.

When looking at this diamond through an ASET tool, there will be zero light leakage.

The Brellia Diamond

JannPaul's Hearts & arrows Brellia Diamond. (Credit: JannPaul).

JannPaul’s Hearts & Arrows Brellia Diamond. (Credit: JannPaul).

What makes this diamond so special is the precision of the cutting and polishing. It is, in fact, so perfectly proportioned that it receives the top grade for proportion, symmetry and polish and displays a perfect “Hearts & Arrows” pattern.

The Angel Diamond

This diamond is the only ideal Square Cut diamond that displays a “Hearts & Arrows” pattern when it is viewed through the Hearts & Arrows Scope.

The perfection created in this diamond lies in its symmetrical alignment, thus resulting in a light reflection yielding a ‘Hearts & Arrows’ pattern.

Customising your own diamond rings using 3D rendering

Game of Thrones infinity ring, one of JannPaul's customisation projects. (Credit: JannPaul)

Game of Thrones infinity ring, one of JannPaul’s customisation projects. (Credit: JannPaul)

After helping customers to choose a good diamond, JannPaul also offers other services, such as customising your own diamond rings – without any additional charges.

Casey explained to us that 3D rendering and life-sized wax modelling at JannPaul is used to show customers what the diamond ring actually looks and feels like – before the ring itself is then produced, in-house.

A piece of jewellery (left) created to commemorate the client's pet dog (right) which passed away, age 27. (Credit: JannPaul).

A piece of jewellery (left) created to commemorate the client’s pet dog (right) which passed away, age 27. (Credit: JannPaul).

Some of the more interesting customisation jobs that JannPaul has taken on include creating a Game of Thrones infinity ring and a special commemorative pendant for a customer’s late pet dog, which had recently passed away with a brain infection.

Contact JannPaul at or call +65 6235 3897 to make an appointment.

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