Review: Opus 2 Jay Chou World Tour – Singapore Concert

This is a review of the Singapore leg of Jay Chou’s Opus 2 World Tour. It is written by IT engineer Justin Lee, 27, who has been a fan of Jay Chou since the age of 14.

Last weekend, Jay Chou performed in Singapore.  Source:

Last weekend, Jay Chou performed in Singapore at the Singapore Sports Hub

Refreshing change of venue

Singapore was Jay Chou’s last leg of his Opus 2 World Tour. This year, the Singapore Sports Hub was chosen as the venue instead of the Indoor Stadium. A refreshing change perhaps. How many of you have worries about watching a concert in Singapore in a non-airconditioned environment? I bet many of you would, but to my surprise, the temperature was just right during the concert!

Heavy downpour

The heavy downpour had also caused some minor distraction when my friend noticed that the roof was dripping a bit.

Good sound quality

In terms of the effects of sound quality in an open space, it was actually quite good. The volume was just right and clear. In my opinion it was actually much better than my experience with the Indoor Stadium’s ageing sound systems. The overly high trebles there wasn’t easy on the ears.

Chou was in a good mood

Chou was clearly in a very good mood. This might be due to the closeness of the date of his wedding next year in January. Listening to his music since I was 14, I have to say it wasn’t easy to be the surviving king of Mandopop for 14 years in his career, and counting.

Chou was in a good mood at the concert. Source: Sports Hub.

Chou was in a good mood at the concert.
Source: Sports Hub.

Assembled and Nurtured a Great Team

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 4.13.00 pm

Apart from Fang, who was there as an audience for the night, there were no surprises for guest appearances. I thought there would be local artistes involved in the performance, just like what has happened for other concerts. Duet songs were performed though, with Cindy Yen, an artiste managed under Chou’s company. 

Three fans got the opportunity to sing with Chou

The other notable highlight of the event was the engagement with three members of the audience who were randomly picked by Chou, to have their once-in-a-life-time opportunity to sing with their idol, with 30,000 other people watching in amazement. A split screen of Jay and the three members of the audience singing, and having themselves projected on the two giant screens was definitely a memorable moment for these lucky fans!

Chou’s singing sounded more mature now

And the Singapore crowd at the concert was the first in the world to have listened to Chou sing two new hits from his latest album, ‘Aiyo, Not Bad’.

Looking back on the past 13 years, his singing has definitely sounded more mature now, and if you haven’t noticed, please try listening to his songs!

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