Keeping Fit & Healthy When Working

Some of us may like to exercise before work in the mornings, but others may prefer to work out after their office day ends in the evenings.

And additionally, there are also others who prefer to use the lunch hour to hit the gym.

When is the best time to fit a workout into your work schedule? T.M. Lewin, a dress shirt and tailoring retailer for gentlemen, discussed the most effective ways to maximise your time at the gym and the benefits that exercise has on work performance.

When is the best time for office employees to exercise?

Morning Exercise Before Work

Morning exercise can effectively capitalise on elevated testosterone and cortisol levels and this will, in turn, boost your performance during the day in terms of your time management skills and mental sharpness.

To warm up for your gym session, they also found that it is beneficial to warm up by walking, running or cycling to the gym and sipping peppermint-infused water to improve your athletic performance.

Why not cycle or run to work?

If you want to stay dry and fresh, it is recommended to use water repellent clothing that is breathable and sweat resistant as well as to wear some red colour in the office after that – because this colour can help to boost your performance.

Easy Cool Down Helps

An easy cool down session after your gym workout, can be in the form of cycling, walking or running back to the office, where you may then shower before the work day begins.

This makes you feel more refreshed and less lethargic, for the workday ahead.

How to Stay Healthy in the Office

Hold standing meetings.

But you need not forget about health and fitness completely when you are in the office. This is because sitting down for long periods of time can lead to obesity and metabolic syndrome, amongst other health issues.

So instead, hold standing meetings instead of sitting down during office meetings and compete with your colleagues to track steps and compete for the most number of steps clocked each week.

Standing during office meetings saves time as well. Standing meetings cut down meeting time by 25 per cent, so this means that time is spent more efficiently and less time is wasted.

As well, wearing breathable fabrics in the office such as 100% pure Egyptian cotton will also help to bring your body temperature to normal.

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