Judges Announced: MasterChef Asia

A+E Networks have announced the line-up of judges for the inaugural season of MasterChef Asia this year. The panel includes culinary genius Susur Lee who is HongKong born, 3-Michelin Starred chef Bruno Ménard, as well as culinary TV personality and Audra Morrice, a Singapore-Born MasterChef Australia finalist.

Credit: MasterChef Asia.

Photo credit: MasterChef Asia.

Susur Lee: The Father of Fusion

Susur Lee is known as the “Father of Fusion.” He has won numerous culinary awards such as Food and Wine magazine’s “Ten Chefs of the Millenium” and the 5-Star Diamond award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences.

Susur is also the owner & chef of four well-acclaimed restaurants in Canada – LEE, Luckee, Bent and LEE Kitchen in Toronto, and TungLok Heen in Singapore.  For the past 20 years, he has worked as the Executive Consulting Chef for the TungLok Group, which owns over 40 restaurants in Asia.

Chef Bruno Menard: Has won 3 Michelin Stars

 Chef Bruno Ménard has won 3 Michelin Stars at L’Osier – this is a Tokyo-based restaurant that has been voted one of the top French restaurants outside of France.

Bruno has spent 20 years of his career establishing some of the best restaurants in Asia. He currently looks after a top-tier culinary consulting firm in Singapore.

The chef was initially born in France to a chocolatier father and a patissier grandfather.  He will bring to the show, his deep culinary expertise and passion for gastronomy.

Audra Morrice: The Next Martha Stewart of Asia

Audra Morrice has been described as the next Martha Stewart of Asia.  Her success on MasterChef Australia cemented her culinary career and launched her into the world of culinary TV.

Audra has a successful catering business, hosts pop-up restaurant events and conducts South East Asian cooking classes.  She will publish a cookbook and launch her own range of artisanal food products soon.  Born in Singapore of Indian and Chinese descent, Audra currently lives in Australia.

Committed to creating world-class programming across Asia

Said Prem Kamath, Deputy Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, A+E Networks Asia, “MasterChef Asia underlines our commitment to creating world-class programming on Lifetime for audiences across Asia. We’re thrilled to align with such an accomplished and celebrated team of chef judges who also have deep Asian roots.”

Feature aspiring home-cooks from across Asia

MasterChef Asia’s 15-episode series will feature aspiring home-cooks from Asian countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Said Michele Schofield, Senior Vice President, Programming & Production, A+E Networks Asia, “We considered many chefs from around Asia and overseas to bring you the right combination of knowledge, passion, charisma and warmth. Susur takes his Asian food expertise and technical knowledge to the show, and Bruno has Michelin-rated credentials based in traditional French cuisine.  Audra’s cooking is rooted in South Asian cuisine and also pastry. As a result, she will be able to get along well to all the contestants – this is testament to the opportunity that MasterChef offers home cooks.”

Is set to air later this year

MasterChef Asia, currently being produced in Singapore, is set to make its debut on a TV screen near you, later this year . The inaugural season is presented by the Singapore Tourism Board and Knorr, in association with Panasonic, Changi Airport Group and Carlton Hotel Singapore.

The MasterChef franchise is currently the most travelled food format in the world – and is currently in more than 52 territories and counting.

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