Meeting The Giants: A Local Movie Featuring the Singapore Slingers

Meeting the Giants. (Image: NYP Ambassadors)

Meeting the Giants, a local movie produced by Jack Choo
(Image: NYP Ambassadors)

You would probably know the Singapore Slingers as professional basketball players plying their trade in the Asean Basketball League (ABL).

And recently, some of these players have made their acting debut in the Meeting the Giants, a coming-of-age movie about Chinese basketball players who are trying to make their mark on Singapore sports – to realise their dream.

Relished their first time acting in a movie

For 19-year-old student and Singapore Slinger, Delvin Goh, it was definitely his first time acting in a movie – but he and his teammates certainly relished the experience. These players would not mind doing it again, too.

On his acting debut, Delvin said, “As you can see, this is a basketball movie, so that’s why we got the chance to act. But I would definitely want to be in another movie again if I were given the opportunity.”

Basketball and acting are two very different ball games

Playing basketball and acting are two completely different ball games, according to Delvin because everything is pre-arranged and scenes have to be shot, according to the prepared script.

Said Delvin, “Everything is pre-arranged so you have to follow the script. You have to have a rough idea of what to do based on the script, before you execute it.” So the freedom of playing basketball and making your own decision on the pitch is definitely not there.

Basketball is still his first love

But even though basketball is almost certainly still his first love, Delvin is nevertheless interested in a movie career, after he retires from his favourite sport.

He said, “As for acting as a full time career after basketball, I’ve heard that we are too tall for it. But if there’s a chance, then we would want to take it up.”

The movie inspiration was the brainchild of veteran local actor, Jack Choo, the movie’s producer. It is also the directing debut of Singaporean actor, Tan Ping Hui.

Apart from Delvin Goh, other Singapore Slingers in the movie include Ng Han Bin and Tan Chin Hong.

Meeting The Giants is currently being screened in cinemas now.

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