Halloween Horrors @ Scape Mall – The Museum of Horrors V: The Relic

This year for Halloween, your worst fears will come true at Scape. That’s because the Museum of Horrors, which is into its fifth edition, is now back at the bustling Scape mall in Orchard Road.

Do you dare to visit Museum of Horrors V: The Relic?  (Credit: Museum of Horrors V).

Do you dare to visit the Museum of Horrors V: The Relic @ Scape Mall?
(Credit: Museum of Horrors V).

Museum of Horrors V: The Relic

Be prepared for the fright of your life. Will you get out alive?

Be prepared for the fright of your life. Will you get out alive?

The theme for this year is the Museum of Horrors V: The Relic. As the story goes, The Relic is supposed to be a mysterious artefact belonging to a long-lost city. Little is known about the 2,000 year old idol-like ornament, which ethnic group it belongs to, or even why the group was eradicated so suddenly that there have been no records of their existence. Moreover, it is rumoured that The Relic possesses a curse so powerful – that anyone who dares to cast even a glance at it… will suffer immiment misfortune. Now, The Relic is in Singapore for the first time – and it will be showcased at Scape.

Said 43-year-old Reno Tan, founder of local costuming club Movie Mania, which is the co-organiser of the exhibition, “Every year, we have a different story line. Last year’s event was based on these Asian twins and the year before, we had a zombie outbreak. This year, we wanted to incorporate all of the monsters and demons that make your nightmares come true. The Relic unleashes all the evil forces – so you have clowns, zombies, Asian ghosts, and so on.”

Be prepared to scream when the creatures of the night come for you.

Be prepared to scream when the creatures of the night come for you.

Takes the form of a walk-through haunted maze

The exhibition takes on the form of a walk-through haunted maze featuring several realistic sets, such as The Medical Laboratory, Cabin in the Woods, The Living Dead, The Creepy Fun House Maze, Into Darkness Maze and Revenge of the Doll.

Coming face-to-face with the Annabelle doll

One of the highlights of the fifth edition of the Museum of Horrors – is that you will come face-to-face with Annabelle itself – yes, the cursed doll from the supernatural horror film entitled Annabelle, that is currently being shown in cinemas.

Added Reno, “The Annabelle doll is an actual prop that was used in the Hollywood movie. We brought her here from the USA and she will be on display for the next two weeks.”

Participated in the media preview last Friday

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I was invited to attend the media preview of Museum of Horrors V yesterday. And from my experience, the Museum of Horrors V Halloween event was definitely quite frightening and something that is worth visiting this Halloween. It had reminded me of the Halloween Horror Nights events at Sentosa, which I had recently visited too – but the Museum of Horrors V didn’t have any of the insane queuing, though.

An introductory video to prepare visitors for the scares ahead

Before actually entering the maze itself, we were shown an introductory video describing the backstory of The Relic – and given a spooky preview of what to expect inside the exhibition. Then we were ushered inside the maze itself – of course, at our own peril.

Visitors’ worst nightmares will immediately be unleashed

Right from the beginning, your worst nightmares get unleashed. The very moment you step into this haunted maze, you are plunged into a darkness that is eerie enough to give you goose bumps. And yes, The Relic itself also makes an appearance. So do watch out for it – and pray that you don’t fall victim to its eccentric curse that is said to have destroyed an entire race.

Be careful of that Annabelle doll.

Be careful of that Annabelle doll.

Scare actors did a great job

I also thought that the scare actors did a great job in making people’s hearts beat wildly – to the extent that I witnessed a young female visitor running out of the exhibition, a few minutes after me – screaming in fear. Yes, literally.

According to Reno, the scare actors comprise of Movie Mania members, as well as young people who have auditioned to participate in the annual Halloween event. “We did auditions for scare actors at Scape this year. Once they are selected, we will train them up. Some of them have been working with us for the past three or four years,” he explained.

Revenge of the Doll – based on the Annabelle movie

Out of all the haunted sets, I’ll say the one that has stuck in my mind would be the Revenge of the Doll – which featured an Annabelle doll prop.

After walking through sets featuring killer clowns, zombies and body parts hanging from mid-air, stepping into a dimly-lit child’s room, full of toys, had felt a little bit out of place. And for a few minutes, I’ll say that everything actually seemed nice and cosy inside the room and I was starting to calm down a little… until that cursed Annabelle doll came to life…

No, these clowns are not out to party.

No, these clowns are not out to party.

The Creepy Fun House Maze – a clown house gone completely wrong

Another of the sets that I remembered particularly well was The Creepy Fun House. This one featured a fun house gone wrong and unlike many of the dimly lit Halloween sets, I had found that the brighter colours really hit me, when you turn the corner and walk straight into it. At first, I had also thought that the whole set-up of this fun house set is also pretty disorientating – but then again, this was simply part of the fun.

When walking through this set, visitors are required to wear 3D glasses too – and for a very good reason. The horrific experience simply won’t be the same, without it. But step inside… at your own peril.

Watch out for that mad scientist.

Watch out for that mad scientist.

The Medical Laboratory – be very wary of the mad scientist

As well, I thought that The Medical Laboratory was pretty creepy – when I walked inside, I immediately saw gross looking skeletons with their body parts even dangling from the ceiling.

Yikes. Is that a... a... a... human head?

Yikes. Is that a human head?

But that’s not all, though. There was also a mad scientist, who was wandering around – and waiting for his next victims to chop up for his insane scientific experiments. So visitors, just be careful that you don’t become his next experiment. You have been warned.

Spooky haunted house that gives you value for your money

As a whole, this was definitely a pretty spooky Halloween haunted house. In fact, on many occasions throughout my walkthrough, I found myself taking small steps and gingerly walking behind the person in front of me – so that I would not fall victim to the horror right around the corner.

Added Reno, “If you have never been to a haunted house before, do come and visit us. We are located in the heart of Orchard Road and are one of the cheapest and value for money haunted houses in town. I hope that you enjoy visiting us at the Museum of Horrors V: The Relic.”

Thank you, Movie Mania, for this spooky Halloween experience.

Catch this short video to find out what the Museum of Horrors V: The Relic is all about.

Museum of Horrors V: The Relic

Dates: Friday, 24 October to Sunday, 2 November 2014

Venue: SCAPE, The Ground Theatre, Level 2 

Ticket Prices: $20 (Adults), $15 (Students), $60 (Bundle of 4)

Opening Hours:

  • 7pm to 10:30pm (Friday, 24 October to Sunday, 2 November 2014)
  • 7pm to 11:30pm (Halloween, Friday, 31 October 2014 only)

*Last entry into the exhibition is 15 minutes before closing time.

For more information, visit: http://www.scape.com.sg/moh2014

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