NTUC FairPrice: Return your trolleys this festive season

You will probably be making more frequent trips to the supermarket to stock up for this Christmas and Chinese New Year season.

But when you do so, please spare a thought for the supermarket trolleys that you use – and make sure that you return them after you have finished using the trolleys.

Please return your supermarket trolleys after use.

Please return your supermarket trolleys after use.

Average of 200 trolleys are abandoned monthly

That’s because at NTUC FairPrice, an average of 200 trolleys are abandoned on a monthly basis. As the festive season draws near, this figure increases.

In fact, the furthest that a trolley was ever found from a FairPrice store, was 2.5 kilometres away – this would certainly have not been easy for the staff who had to go out and retrieve it.

Furthermore, these abandoned trolleys are often left in the rain and discovered near refuse disposal areas. This causes safety and hygiene problems. As well, they will also obstruct walkways and car parks – and be a public inconvenience.

‘Missing’ trolleys costs FairPrice $150,000 annually

Moreover, each year, it costs FairPrice $150,000 to repair, replace and retrieve these ‘missing’ trolleys.

This could translate into grocery savings

But if shoppers became more responsible when using shopping trolleys, this figure could translate into savings – or be given back to the community to help the less fortunate.

Be a considerate shopper this Xmas

So during this Xmas and Chinese New Year season, do be a considerate shopper – by returning your trolley after you have finished using it. Do not abuse your supermarket trolleys.

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  • Harold says:

    I can’t find a good reason about the thinking behind bringing supermarket trolleys to HDB carparks and leave them there.

    Maybe if the wheels are kinda square or triangle that would only work on the supermarket’s vicinity, then the world is a little better. 🙂

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