Pernaton Gel: A High Grade Swiss Gel to Help with Aches and Pains

If you are a regular runner and active sportsperson – or if you have been suffering from constant joint and connective tissue pain, you may be interested in checking out Pernaton Gel – which is now available in Singapore.

Pernaton Gel

Pernaton Gel

Produced from Green Lipped Muscle Gel Extract and contains GAGs

Pernaton Gel is a high-grade Swiss-made gel produced from the Green Lipped Muscle Gel extract. Harvested from New Zealand, these Green Lipped Muscles are carefully monitored for pollutants and extracted using patented cold extraction methods.

Pernaton is the only gel in the market currently, which contains substances called glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). These have strong water binding capacity in the intra-articular space and the cartilage and this lubricates the joints and helps the cartilage to remain supple so that it can do its job as a shock absorber.

Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects

As a result of the presence of GAGs, Pernaton Gel contains anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects and allows freedom of movement and mobility. Thus it is very useful for managing chronic joint pain, as well as those who have non-chronic pains and do not wish to consume oral supplements.

It is popular with people who exercise regularly with high-impact sports and those who suffer from arthritis and rheumatism. But pregnant women should speak to their doctors though, before they use the gel. Also, people with shellfish allergy are advised to do a patch test before applying Pernaton Gel.

Must be constantly taken on a regular basis

However, do note that the effect of the GAGs only lasts a few days, so Pernaton Gel must be constantly used on a regular basis. Besides using the gel from the Green Lipped Muscle Extract, GAGs can also be supplied to the body by taking glucosamine. As such, the Gel is often used to complement oral glucosamine in order to manage chronic joint pain.

Pernaton Gel has helped to reduce pain in a user

63-year-old retiree Anna Kong has been having chronic hip pain. But after using Pernaton Gel for 6-8 days, she has found that her pain has reduced. She said, “My hip pain had subsided, after using the cream.”

At the same time, she also found that the gel gets absorbed into the skin very quickly – so she does not feel the sticky residue sensation that some creams would usually have.

Where to buy Pernaton Gel

Pernaton Gel can be bought at the following places and sells for SGD$49.90 for a 125ml packet.

  • Power Up Express @ Kallang Wave Mall #01-57
  • JW Compounding Pharmacy @ Tanjong Pagar Plaza Blk 1 #01-57
  • Amber Compounding Pharmacy @ 221 South Bridge Road
  • Monotine Bike @ 158 East Coast Road
  • PilatesPlus Studio @ 35 Kreta Ayer Road #03-01
  • Glow Life Natural Health Food @ International Plaza #02-75

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  • Lee Peng says:

    Pernaton is more of a gel, not a cream. That’s why it does not leave any oily residue on your skin after application. Pernaton is now on introductory offer on GAGs is an active form of glucosamine, thus, it is more effective versus other creams in the market. Product is also paraben free.

  • Harold says:

    That “Containing gags” left me in a giggle a bit. 🙂

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