Pre-Schools Celebrate Singapore Kindness Day

Singapore Kindness Day has now been extended to 564 kindergartens and other pre-schools across the island – which means that more than 80,000 pre-schoolers are now a part of this celebration.

A Kindergarten 1 class playing the Yes Cubbie, No Cubbie card game Credit: SKM.

A Kindergarten 1 class playing the Yes Cubbie, No Cubbie card game – one of the Kindness Celebration activities
Photo credit: SKM.

Theme is ‘A Nation Of Kindness Starts With One’

Using the theme of “A Nation of Kindness Starts with One” – advocating the power of the individual to make a difference, pre-schools were given a Kindness Day SG Resource Package to help teachers create simple, but meaningful, activities for the kids.

Pre-schools include Carpe Diem, Cherie Hearts, Just Kids, Little Skool-House International, My First Skool, MY World, Nurture Education Group and PAP Community Foundation. They all got their packages earlier this month, and have been staging their own kindness celebrations in classrooms.

Putting up daisies on the Kindness Board Credit: SKM.

Putting up daisies on the Kindness Board
Photo credit: SKM.

Handing out certificates of participation to pre-schools

To recognise the pre-schools who have committed to partnering SKM in implementing the activities within their schools, SKM also handed out a certificate of participation to them, marking their commitment to nurturing pro-social values in children. This will help create a kinder and more gracious Singapore.

Kindness has no minimum requirements

Said Dr William Wan, general secretary of Singapore Kindness Movement, “Kindness doesn’t discriminate according to age. It has no minimum height restrictions. Kindness only has a minimum heart requirement, and our young people have plenty of heart.”

He continued, “This is why I believe that it is vitally important to encourage values like kindness, graciousness, empathy and consideration from a very young age. We are thus ecstatic at the overwhelming support we have received from pre-schools for Kindness Day SG.”

Card game Yes Cubbie, No Cubbie Credit: SKM.

Card game Yes Cubbie, No Cubbie
Photo credit: SKM.

Members of the public can also make Singapore Kindness Day

Members of the public can also mark Kindness Day SG with their families and communities – at ImagiNation at *SCAPE Playspace on 30th and 31st May.

To find out more about Kindness Day SG and ImagiNation, check

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