Review: Never lose your personal items again with TrackR Pixel

TrackR, the leaders in personal item management, have launched the TrackR Pixel, one of the smallest and brightest BlueTooth tracking devices now available. With a longer range and louder ringer than the TrackR Bravo, the TrackR Pixel consists of an LED light to make it simple to locate items in the dark.

TrackR Pixel, one of the smallest and brightest BlueTooth tracking devices now available.

Founded in 2009 to make losing items a thing of the past, TrackR revolutionises how consumers keep track of their items through app software, cloud databases and wireless devices. The company aims to create a world where valuables no longer get lost.

The new TrackR Pixel comes in eight colours, in order to fit everyone’s preferences. These colours are sky blue, pink, red, purple, black, white, blue and grey.

Reviewing the TrackR Pixel

I had the chance to review a TrackR Pixel. The unit that I received was the black one. I admit that the moment that I had initially heard about this product, I knew that this would be good for me, as I have the tendency to misplace things at home.

I had the chance to review a TrackR Pixel.

Here are my thoughts and comments on the TrackR Pixel.

The box comes with the TrackR Pixel, together with a key loop and a 3M adhesive sticker, for you to either dangle the TrackR Pixel from, or stick onto, the object that you don’t want to lose. I attached the TrackR Pixel to my house keys, because this is something that I am always misplacing.


On taking out the TrackR Pixel, I set it up. To do so, you need to download the TrackR app, which is available for free on both the Apple and the Android app stores. After doing so, you would then open the app and select the TrackR Pixel as the device that you want to pair. Press the button at the front of the TrackR Pixel to turn it on, so that the BlueTooth connectivity can detect it.

TrackR is a free app on Apple and Android.

And to complete the pairing process, you would test out the TrackR Pixel to see if it is working, by holding it at arm’s length. If the two have been paired successfully, the TrackR Pixel would ring loudly.

Then after that, the TrackR Pixel is good to go.

Testing out the TrackR Pixel

After pairing, I had a family member hide my house keys and I would then try to locate them using the TrackR Pixel and the TrackR iPhone app. I admit that it took me a while to find the house keys but I eventually located them on my own; this was because I had realised that the ringing sound emerging from the TrackR Pixel was not as loud as it could have been – because the TrackR Pixel had been placed inside a drawer.

But I also found that if the TrackR Pixel is in an open space, then the ringing sound can be really loud, though.

Unfortunately the LED light feature had not been useful in my case, as I could not see the light blinking, from inside the chest of drawers. But I can certainly see some situations in where the LED light will be quite helpful to locate the missing objects, though.

The BlueTooth connectivity is instantaneous, and it detects very quickly whether the TrackR Pixel is nearby or further away. It will also tell you whether you are getting nearer or further away from the object that you are trying to locate. I thought this was quite convenient, as you don’t simply have to rely purely on your sense of hearing to find the misplaced object; you can also check the app to see how ‘warm’ or ‘cold’ you are in terms of your distance away from or the misplaced object. To some extent, it is like playing a game of hide-and-seek with your personal objects.

And if using your own phone alone, is not enough to find the TrackR Pixel, you can ring the same TrackR Pixel from multiple phones and TrackR accounts. This is quite useful in locating shared objects such as the family keys.

Can also locate your mobile phone

TrackR can also help you locate your mobile phone if you misplace it.

Besides locating the objects that the TrackR Pixel is attached to, it can also help to find your mobile phone with BlueTooth. This can be achieved by pressing a button on the front of the TrackR Pixel and once you have done so, then your mobile phone will ring loudly to help you to locate it.

And the sound seems to be much louder than the sound emitted from the TrackR Pixel. But that probably also depends on how high the volume on the mobile phone has been set; mine was set pretty high. I think that this is a great initiative, as some of us may have the tendency to misplace our phones.

Crowd Locate

There is also a Crowd Locate feature.

Another feature of the TrackR Pixel is Crowd Locate, which helps users to find items outside BlueTooth range. If another user walks past your item, your app will be updated with the last known location. I think that this feature could be quite useful for finding a car missing in a carpark!

But the other user must however, have the TrackR app installed on their mobile phone and their BlueTooth signal turned on.

Battery Life

The TrackR Pixel uses a CR2016 battery that is easy to replace. To find out the battery level remaining in your TrackR Pixel, you can easily check it from the TrackR app.

Cost and where to get the TrackR Pixel

TrackR Pixel is available at Challenger outlets across Singapore.

TrackR Pixel comes in packs of one unit (S$38), three units (S$78), five units (S$118) and eight units (S$158) and is now available at Challenger outlets across Singapore, as well as online – at Hachi, Axtro Smart and Lazada.

It will be made available at other electronics stores from 1 July onwards.

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