Review: Sudio Vasa Blå Wireless Earphones

The Sudio Vasa Blå wireless earphones are essentially described as Wireless Freedom in your hands. Promising studio quality sound, an elegant design and eight hours of battery life, the Vasa Blå is advertised as easily being able to pair up with the smartphone and take calls using the built-in microphone. You can also control your phone remotely using the Vasa Blå earphones.

The Sudio Vasa Blå earphones are ‘wireless freedom’ in your hands.
[Photo credit to Sudio].

Sudio has gained traction for their well designed and high quality earphones

Sudio is a Swedish earphones brand that has recently gained traction for their well designed and high quality earphones. They promise their customers premium earphones that offer studio quality sound at the same time. All of their earphones are designed in-house, and this ensures that each and every product maintains its quality and reliability.

And the Vasa Blå wireless bluetooth earphones are advertised as being Sudio’s top-of-the-line model.

There are also four different colours available for the Vasa Blå earphones to cater to different tastes and preferences: These are black, white, blue and pink.

I recently had the chance to review Sudio’s Vasa Blå earphones.

Classy and elegant

I received these gorgeous pink earphones.

When the package arrived, the earphones were packaged in a classy white box with a red bow. Opening the box, there were two neat packets inside; one containing the earphones and the other one containing the instructions and a leather casing to carry the earphones in.

My unit was pink colour. Taking it out, the Vasa Blå is definitely classy and elegant looking. With the rose gold finishing on the ear tips, the design is quite simple and minimalist, and at the same time, exudes class. Sudio has done a great job in this area.

I also thought that the pink colour was quite interesting and eye catching, as not many earphones I’ve seen, come in such colours.

Looking closer at the unit, there is, on the right hand side, a three button microphone and control for picking up phone calls hands-free and the battery unit is in the left hand side. So not surprisingly, the left side is a tad chunkier than the right hand side, but at 14 grams, it is still slim and light enough to easily wear without weighing you down at all. In fact when I have the earphones on, I hardly know that I am wearing them.

Easy to charge and pair with your phone

It is easy to charge the Vasa Blå though and the charging hole in the earphones is quite clearly marked. However the rubber cover over the hole does seem to be a bit on the flimsy side, though. Pairing them to my iPhone 7+ is also a simple process; you just need to switch on the earphones and turn on the bluetooth in the phone, and then you are good to go. It was great that this had been so seamless.

The earphones come packaged in a neat looking box.

Have the tendency to come out of the ears

There are also four pairs of spare silicone tips of different sizes, to cater to different sized ears. I have been using the size for “average” ears that had been packed with my unit of the Vasa Blå earphones.

However I must point out that with no external wingtips to lock the earphones in the ear, I find that the earphones do have the tendency to come out of the ears when I am working or listening to music with them; which can be a bit of a hassle.

For instance, I have been using the Vasa Blå earphones to transcribe my interviews for the recent HSBC World Rugby Sevens – Singapore leg, that I had been covering, and so I had to keep on pushing the Vasa Blå back into my ears.

I did try testing out the other different sizes of the silicone tips, all with varying degrees of success. However, none of them seemed to be able to stay inside the ear for prolonged periods. Maybe my ears are not “standard” size!

I have been using the earphones to transcribe my HSBC World Rugby 7s interviews.

Sound quality

For the sound quality though, I found it to be very clear and clean and at the same time, very distinctive. I guess this is what Sudio means when they promise to deliver “studio quality sound” to customers. Transcribing my HSBC World Rugby Sevens interviews was a breeze in this aspect; it had been very easy to discern the different words and accents, without any problems at all.

And when I had switched on to listen to my music, the sound was also clear and clean and I thought that was great. However at the same time, the music had sounded slightly flat in my opinion; it would have been better if the treble and bass could have been more pronounced – if Sudio could introduce an app to adjust that sound quality of the music, perhaps that would help too.

Agreed my father, who also used the Vasa Blå earphones, “It would be great if the treble and bass profiles could be adjusted independently.”

The leather casing is also of a good quality.

Leather casing is good quality

The leather pouch that the earphones come with though, is of a good quality. I can smell the distinctive leather smell on it. At the same time, the dome button on the top of the pouch help to keep the earphones safe and if you want to secure the earphones to your clothes to prevent them from getting lost, you can use the metal clip which is also included in the package.

Battery Life

Battery life is stated as being eight hours when active and 10 days when in standby. I think that this is quite standard for most types of Bluetooth wireless earphones. However when the battery is low there is no advanced warning, instead the earphones will keep beeping till the battery dies completely and this can be quite annoying when you are engrossed in listening to something.

To sum it up, the Vasa Blå earphones are a stylish pair of earphones that deliver in terms of sound quality, though they may fall short in terms of listening to music.

The earphones have a retail price of $165.

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***Perks and Promotions for readers when you purchase the Sudio Vasa Blå Earphones***

Sudio Campaign to coincide with Spring/Summer 2017

Sudio has also recently launched a new campaign to coincide with their Spring/Summer 2017 launch. The details of the campaign are as follows.

  • Free limited edition white marble phone case with every purchase online. (1 case per order)
  • Available for 6 smartphone models: iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 7, iPhone 7+, Samsung s6, Samsung s7 
  • 15% off (promo code) + additional 20% instant tax rebate
  • Free express shipping to Singapore (3-5 days)

Sudio had sent me a white marble casing to accompany my earphones and in my opinion, the case, just like the Vasa Blå earphones, looks sleek and elegant too. I also think that the white marble design is also quite different to most of the smartphone cases out there in the market and the case protects the most important parts of the phone that are most likely to be dropped – that is, the corners and the back of the phone.

You can get this lovely marble smartphone case when you buy the earphones.

After using the case for the past few days for my iPhone 7+, I find that it is a lightweight case that does not really add much bulk to the phone, and protects just what needs to be protected. However that said, please try not to drop your phone too often, though.

For more information

For more information about Sudio’s Vasa Blå wireless earphones or to make a purchase, do head to their website, at

***Do note that readers who make a purchase can receive 15 per cent off the price of the earphones when you key in the promo code “prischew” when you are checking out.

Thank you again Sudio, for the Vasa Blå wireless earphones.

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