Singapore Launch Event of the Here One 3-in-1 True Wireless Smart Earbuds

Here One, the first ever 3-in-1 True Wireless Smart Earbuds, were launched in Singapore last Friday to members of the media, influencers, and a small crowd of curious onlookers at Millennia Walk.

Here One, the first ever 3-in-1 True Wireless Smart Earbuds.

Much more than just a headphone

Marketed as delivering premium audio, smart noise cancellation and speech enhancement, the Here One is much more than a headphone – it is a hearing system. With the Here One earbuds, anyone can dynamically increase or decrease the value of the word around them, selectively enhancing specific sounds such as a conversation in a loud restaurant or suppressing specific noises like a jet engine, a crowd or background office noise.

This had been made possible through the Real World Sound Control, Here One’s proprietary sound technology that turns what looks like a normal headphone into a device that gives you superhuman hearing.

Here One is much more than a headphone.

Here One is developed by Doppler Labs, a San Francisco based technology company that is on a mission to make computing more immersive and human. Dopper Labs hopes for Here One to completely redefine the way that we engage with sound through technology.

Here One opens the door to a post mobile future

Said Noah Kraft, Co Founder and CEO of Doppler Labs, “With Here One, we are opening the door to a post mobile future where computing happens more on the body and less on the phone. We are excited to bring this incredible technology and product to Singapore, where voice messaging is especially prevalent and to continue to introduce new features to build on the Here One platform.”

Dopper Labs Chief Product Officer, Sophia Velastegul.

At the product launch event, the Dopper Labs Chief Product Officer, Sophia Velastegul had shared more about the company’s goals, mission and vision before Angus Brown, the Head of Brand Partnerships, then spoke more about the Here One product and what it is capable of.

Said Brown, “The Here One looks like a headphone in your ear, but it is different to your standard earphone. You can completely immerse yourself in our product.”

During the product launch event, Brown had also shared more about the key features of the Here One earbuds, giving the audiences demonstrations of each one in turn. The most important features of the Here One earbuds are as follows.

Premium Audio

The Here One allows users to stream music, watch videos and make calls completely free of wires. So you are able to experience crystal clear sound and powerful bass with the Here One’s high fidelity microphones and speakers.

Angus Brown, the Head of Brand Partnerships.

I must admit that I am quite attracted by the idea of something that is completely wireless. This means that you can be plugged into your earphones, yet at the same time have total freedom of movement without restrictions. And this is because most of the wireless earphones that I have come across nowadays, still have a cable at the back of the head.

Smart Noise Cancellation

With the Here One earphones, you are also able to control how much noise cancellation you want. Gradually reduce or amplify ambient sound to find the right balance, that is perfect for your needs.

Said Brown, “We have built specific filters into the Here One to allow you to have more control with the sound that you are listening to. For example, filters include an office setting or airplane noise; there is a filter to turn off the loud engine roar from the airplane whilst being able to listen to your music uninterrupted at the same time.”

A model demonstrates what the earphones look like in her ear.

Watching the demonstration, I had thought that this feature was quite amazing. The engine roar on planes can be quite irritating especially when it is a night flight and trying to get some sleep. So being able to plug into the Here One had sounded like a great idea.

Added Brown, “And as you listen to the product, what is playing in your ear is not the same as everyone else. You can adjust the decibels based on the hearing conditions of your left and right ears respectively.”

Speech Enhancement

You can reduce the background noise while amplifying voices to hear people better, with the Here One.

During the product launch, Brown had given us a short demonstration of being able to turn on and off the sound of the Here One, through his powerpoint slides presentation.

I thought that it had been quite interesting to watch the “background noise” getting gradually louder and softer, from the point where you can say, hear what your friends around you are saying, to complete noise cancellation where you can simply and completely immerse yourself into your music.

You can reduce the background noise while amplifying voices to hear people better, with the Here One.

Following the Launch

Following the launch, influencers and media had the opportunity to try out the Here One for themselves. I had noticed that there were a few people crowding around the Here One testing tables to get their first feel of the Here One earphones, while others had been busy taking Instagram-worthy photos of the product to post up onto their social media pages.

A model had also been on site to pose with the Here One headphones in her ears, for photographers who had wanted to use an actual human to personalise their images.

As well, there was a lucky draw to give away one pair of the Here One earbuds… and I was the surprise winner.

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The Here One earphones have a retail price of SGD$459.

Where to get the Here One

The Here One earphones have a retail price of SGD$459.

In Singapore, they will be available at ‘We The People’, AV One, Best Denki, Challenger, Connect IT, Jaben, Headphones SG, SixFive, Stereo, XGear and

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