Situations when we need noise cancelling headphones

Sometimes we wish that we could have some ‘alone time’ and peace and quiet to ourselves, but this is not always possible in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

So this is where noise cancelling earphones come in handy, to block out the unwanted noise, at the same time delivering a comfortable and satisfying audio experience whereby you can lose yourself in your music.

Such earphones include the newly launched Sony MDR-1000X, with an optimised dual noise sensor technology and upgraded filtering process. It also has newly developed ear pads.

Sony MDR-1000X headphones.

Sony MDR-1000X headphones.

Here are some such situations where you might need such headphones.

  1. On the planeWhen you are trying to sleep but the babies cannot stop crying, then the MDR-1000X will shut out the unwanted ambient noises, and allow you to play your soothing lullabies to sleep. These compact earphones also have a 20-hour battery life so you can rest in peace without any worries that they will run out of juice.
  2. At the gym At the gym the songs are not always to your fancy. So in such situations you can tune into your favourite workout tracks with noise cancelling earphones such as the Sony MDR-1000X, and without worrying that the gym soundtracks will blast through your favourite songs.At the same time, your movements will not be restricted as the above mentioned headphones are wireless, meaning you have no restriction in your movement capacities when you are working out and doing vigorous exercise.
  3. At homeThere may be situations when you have just come home from work, feeling exhausted, and you want to curl up with a book by your side and soothing music playing in your ears. But the arguments by the neighbours or the sound of their kids running and screaming along the corridor, can make your blood boil. So with noise cancelling headphones, you can take these worries away and let yourself rest in peace.But if your partner needs to talk to you, the Sony MDR-1000X has a Quick Attention Mode feature – activated simply by placing the right palm on the outside of the headphones – that allows you to hold a conversation without taking off the headphones.
  4. On your daily commuteIt is always hard to travel to work on the crowded bus or train on those weekday mornings. So why not use noise cancelling earphones to give yourself some time alone, away from the hustle and bustle of the hectic commute, and simply have some me-time?Noise cancelling earphones like the Sony MDR-1000X also adjust to the shape of your head, yet maintaining the audio quality, so you do not have to worry about say, inconsiderate people pressing up against you during your commute.
  5. When your room mate snores loudly If you are stuck in a hotel room on say, business trips or retreats, with a room mate who can’t stop snoring, that is where noise cancelling earphones can come in useful, because they help you to get that important beauty sleep, to the sound of soothing lullabies on your playlist.The MDR-1000X also has soft and comfortable ear pads, allowing your ears to feel comfortable, at the same time.
How many of you having trouble sleeping on planes?

How many of you having trouble sleeping on planes?

How many of these situations can you relate to? The Sony MDR-1000X, with its forward thinking noise cancelling capabilities and high resolution audio quality, allows you to make your life a lot easier, when you are put on the spot in such situations.

This post was brought to you by Sony.

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