StarHub’s History Channel September TV Highlights

Catch amateur photographers fighting it out to the extreme to win an all-expenses-paid trip to New York.

Or find out the secret insider story of Harry Houdini and how he rose from poverty to worldwide fame.

These are just two of the many atrractive offerings from the History Channel (StarHub Channel 401) this coming September. To find out about more exciting programmes, which will be screened on History Channel, do read on.

Photo Face Off

Premieres 23 September

Tuesdays, 10.30pm

Photo Face Off

Photo Face Off. (Image Credit: HISTORY).

This September, the key highlight of the History Channel is Photo Face Off, an original production that pits five amateur photographers against each other, for an all expenses paid trip to New York.

To prove themselves, the photographers must pass a hellish screening process to show how far they will go to get the perfect shot.

This is photography like you have never seen it before – so do stay tuned.


Premieres 2 and 3 September

Tuesday and Wednesday, 9.00pm

Houdini. (Image Credit: HISTORY).

Houdini. (Image Credit: HISTORY).

This two-part mini series traces Houdini’s life, from growing up in poverty to gaining worldwide fame.

Time Capsule Malaysia

Premieres 12 to 14 September

Friday to Sunday, 9.00pm

Time Capsule Malaysia. (Image Credit: HISTORY).

Time Capsule Malaysia. (Image Credit: HISTORY).

A host-drive series that takes a visual look at Malaysia from the 1940s to the 1980s, this gives viewers a quirky recap of what life was like in Malaysia up to 50 years ago.

My Mosque S1A

Premieres 12 September

Fridays, 10.00pm 

My Mosque S1A (Image Credit: HISTORY).

My Mosque S1A (Image Credit: HISTORY).

A 13-part micro budget series that takes us on a tour of Malaysia’s 34 mosques, you will get a young and imaginative look at Mosque culture and seen and told through the eyes of those closest to these amazing religious icons.

Swamp People S5 – Season Finale

Premieres 18 September

Thursday, 9.00pm

Swamp People S5 - Season Finale. (Image Credit: HISTORY).

Swamp People S5 – Season Finale. (Image Credit: HISTORY).

Veteran hunters race to fill their tags and a generational changing of the guard is looming. One team gambles on a hunting area that’s nearly impossible to access by boat. A second team hunts a nostalgic family honey hole with a pirogue, while another is forced to finish the season in dangerous territory on ATV’s. A final team hunts a hog for their end of the season celebration.

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