Have A Blast This Wednesday with Tim Shaw on Street Genius 2

Tomorrow evening, watch stunt-happy engineer, product designer and TV host Tim Shaw – in the comfort of your living room television.

Credit: Street Genius.

Credit: Street Genius.

Shaw has done some very daring stunts

In his explosive TV show Street Genius, Shaw has done some extremely daring stunts in the past, which include vacuum-packing a person and setting off fire extinguisher rockets, and travelling out of town – to set off a massive, earth-shattering blast.

In the new season, premiering tomorrow (Wednesday), the British-born Shaw will take his own irreverent brand of science and engineering to American streets – in the hopes of amazing and dumbfounding people, at the same time.

On Street Genius, he will challenge not only the people he meets, but also the audience watching at home – to predict the outcome of a series of mad science experiments that are more spectacular than anything that you have seen before. At the same time, he will uncover the science behind the jaw-dropping outcomes of these experiments – thus, showing us that the real world around us, is far more impressive than any magic trick or optical illusion.

Passion for science and a natural flair for hosting and television

An engineer who was certified as a creative genius at the age of 12, Tim Shaw’s passion for science is instantly obvious when you watch Street Genius. Moreover, he has a natural flair and ease when it comes to hosting and entertainment – and this makes him engaging to watch on television.

Street Genius 2 (Brand New Season)

Every Wednesday @ 10pm

StarHub TV Channel 411 & SingTel mio TV Channel 201

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