The Amazing Race Asia – Season 5 Episode 2 Review

The teams depart to Taman Mini Indonesia for their second leg of The Amazing Race.

Having completed the first leg in first place, Alphaeus & Brandon are the first to arrive… but as Taman Mini Indonesia opens only at 6am, all the other teams get an equal footing to begin the challenge.

Spotting marked letters with Grab bikes

The teams must ride Grab bikes to spot marked letters spelling out the name of their next destination: BANDUNG. JK & Mike immediately spot the clue and leave for Bandung in top place, but Yvonne & Chloe and Alex & Will misread their clues, and find themselves lagging behind as a result.

Image courtesy of AXN.

Image courtesy of AXN.

Detour Challenge

The Detour challenge is up next – Teams must choose either Basket Bikes or Bandung Biathlon. For those choosing Basket Bikes, teams have to deliver 24 sellable eggs to the egg merchant, riding along a difficult 5KM trail path in the process.

For Bandung Biathlon, teams have to hit a series of targets with traditional bamboo guns, whilst trekking in tandem land skis.

Alphaeus & Brandon finish their Detour challenge *Basket Bikes* in first place while JK & Mike struggle to keep all their eggs from breaking and on their second attempt, tempers flare as they find themselves lagging behind.

For the teams who chose Bandung Biathlon, most of them find the challenge a breeze, once they are able to figure out how the traditional bamboo guns operate.

Road Block

At the Road Block, teams have to comb a large section of tea plantation at Kebun Teh Ciater for the Hero Wayang Golek, a traditional Indonesian puppet figurine. Upon finding the puppet, they will head to the pit stop at a nearby hill.

However Alphaeus & Brandon and Parul & Maggie make a deadly navigation mistake, and find themselves behind as a result.

Meanwhile, Yvonne & Chloe easily reach Kebun Teh Ciater, find the Hero Wayang Golek and reach the pit stop in first place. Tom & Anita and Treasuri & Louisa finish in second and third place respectively, rounding off the top three for the episode.

Fight to stay in the race

The fight to stay in the race is between Singaporeans JK & Mike and Malaysians Alphaeus & Brandon. JK & Mike find their puppet just in time, and the Malaysians are eliminated.

In the live chat following their elimination, Alphaeus and Brandon Ng apologised profusely for what had happened. Said Alphaeus, “It was not how we had expected we would go out; it was actually very tough on us today, in the manner that we had exited the competition.”

Added Brandon, “We were hoping for a better result. As you saw, we hoped that maybe it could be a non elimination leg or we could have caught up with one of the teams, but as you saw, time didn’t allow and it cost us a lot, the navigational mistake.”

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