Embark on the Adventure of a Lifetime – with The Amazing Race Australia

Four continents. 12 countries. 23 cities. A total of 50,000 kilometres around the world – starting at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground.



 A fast-paced contest with absolutely zero let-ups

This will be the journey of a lifetime that 11 teams of 2 will embark on, in The Amazing Race Australia. They will traverse the globe, with no idea of what challenges they will be facing. But they do know that the race will be fast-paced and that there should be absolutely zero let-ups.

They must work together as a team and challenge their personal relationships, but at the same time, they will experience life-changing occurrences. As well, they will confront their worst fears, improve their self confidence, experience new cultures, and make friends for life.

Countries that the teams will visit along the way will include Africa, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Czech Republic and Vietnam – as well as a trip to Singapore, in the final episode.

Arduous mental and physical challenges await the teams

Types of challenges will range from arduous mental and physical obstacles – but for other teams, locating their next challenge will prove to be more difficult than the actual challenge itself. Teams will face dizzying heights, heavy loads, road blocks, tasting weird foods, language barriers, money concerns and so on.

Winner receives a $250,000 cash prize

But what they do know, is that the team which outlasts all the rest – will be rewarded with a $250,000 prize. But who will it be? Which teams has the right combination of strategy, strength, skill and teamwork to walk away with the big prize?

The Teams

The teams vying for the $250,000 prize are as follows:

Tyler & Nathan 

Free-spirited mates with model looks, Tyler and Nathan share a love of surfing, art and beautiful women. But can they strike the right pose on the race? Nathan and Tyler, both 25, grew up together on the Gold Coast and have been friends for 10 years.

Sam & Renae 

Samantha “Sam” Schoers and Renae Wauhop are a team of Models on the 1st season of The Amazing Race Australia. Sam and Renae both model part-time, while Sam’s also a VIP host at Perth’s Burswood Casino.

Jeff & Luke 

Jeff Downes and Luke Downes are a Father & Son team on the 1st season of The Amazing Race Australia. With four children and three grandchildren, 60-year-old Jeff is the oldest competitor on the race, but don’t expect him to be a pushover.

Matt & Tom 

Matt Nunn and Tom Warriner are a team of Farmers on the 1st season of The Amazing Race Australia. Mates Tom and Matt know they’ll have the upper hand when it comes to physical challenges, but they might struggle when it comes to geography.

Dave & Kelly 

Kelly Miller and Dave Miller are a team of Married Bikers on the 1st season of The Amazing Race Australia. Keen biker and fisherman Dave admits he has very little patience and doesn’t suffer fools.

Chris & Anastasia 

Anastasia Drimousis and Chris Pselletes are a Dating team on the 1st season of The Amazing Race Australia. With a big Greek wedding on the cards for Sydney lovebirds Chris and Anastasia, they’re using the race as a test of whether their relationship will last the distance.

Alana & Mel 

Alana Munday and Mel Greig are a team of Reunited Sisters. When Mel ran away from home, she effectively ended her relationship with her sister. It’s only been in recent years that the family has started to heal, so Alana decided to fast-track re- connecting with her big sister by applying to come on the race.


Mohammed “Mo” El-Leissy and Mostafa “Mos” Haroun are a team of Friends on the 1st season of The Amazing Race Australia. Australian born and bred, Mo (Mohammed) and Mos (Mostafa) both have Egyptian parents and a similar “cuddly” build, meaning they’re often mistaken for brothers.

Richard Toutounji and Joey Toutounji are Married Entrepreneurs on the 1st season of The Amazing Race Australia. Sydney entrepreneurs Joey and Richard believe they have the physical and mental strength to make it to the top three.

Anne-Marie & Tracy 

Anne-Marie Brown and Tracy Read are a team of Workmates on the 1st season of The Amazing Race Australia. Tracy and Anne-Marie met at work at Big W in Perth 12 years ago and have been firm friends ever since.

Ryot & Liberty 

Ryot Wilson and Liberty Wilson are a Brother & Sister team of on the 1st season of The Amazing Race Australia. Outgoing brother and sister team Ryot and Liberty admit they’re a product of their upbringing.

The Amazing Race Australia 

Premiers tonight (Tuesday, 17 March)

Every Tuesday & Wednesday @ 9.00PM (Singapore/Hong Kong time) on LIFETIME.

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