Talking with Grace Helbig from The Grace Helbig Show, Premiering on E!

The Grace Helbig Showwith YouTube comedy star and Internet sensation Grace Helbig at the helm, will officially premiere on E! tomorrow at 10pm.

This half-hour show will feature a range of comedy, entertainment and interactivity – which is basically everything that her over two million subscribers have come to love from her YouTube channel – It’s Grace.

The Grace Helbig Show. Credit: NBCUniversal.

Grace in The Grace Helbig Show.
Photo credit: NBCUniversal.

A hybrid of traditional and new media

Said Grace, in an interview done with NBCUniversal, E! “The show is a hybrid of traditional media and new media. I wanted to be a liaison between more traditional celebrities and internet personalities, bringing them together into my ‘house’ for silly, low-stakes times.”

She continued, “The show came out organically after meeting Michael Davies at Embassy Row who really loved, celebrated and wanted to experiment with new media in a traditional media setting. We brainstormed what the hybrid show might look like, pitched it to a variety of networks and E! resonated with the concept and now, here we are!”

The show’s first episode

The first episode of The Grace Helbig Show will feature The Talk co-host, actress, comedian, author, writer and host of the popular Girl On Guy podcast – Aisha Tyler. As well, she will also be working together with musician, actor & YouTube start DJ Flula… on a top-secret music project.

Career as a comedian began with her brothers

Grace’s career as a comedian had initially started with her interactions with her brothers, whom she had looked up to, as a child. She said, “I always looked up to my brothers when I was younger. One, they were taller than me, and two, I thought they were the funniest people in the world, an then one time in fifth grade, I made them laugh – and I got addicted to that feeling. It wasn’t till I started studying and performing improv comedy in New York City in college that I made a choice to chase comedy as a career.”

She had never thought of becoming a YouTube star though. Explained Grace, “YouTube videos were a hobby when I first started making them. The idea of it being any sort of career option was nowhere in my brain. It was a wonderful outlet for a comedy hungry introvert to be able to put themselves out there in the comfort of their own home. Thank god it became a career!”

Her very first YouTube video making attempt had taken place when she graduated from college. Said Grace, “The summer after I had graduated from college, I was house-sitting in New Jersey and commuting into Manhattan evert day and coming home to a big, scary house at night. So I attempted to make video diaries to occupy my time, and also potentially let people know where to find me if I happened to get murdered.”

Since then, her YouTube career has certainly exploded by leaps and bounds – and she has developed into the Internet star that she is today. Why does she think that she has become so popular? Said Grace, “I think the most successful personalities on YouTube have a transparency and authenticity that can’t be put on. They are helplessly themselves and it shines.”

Grace has always imagined having her own television show – so this is a dream come true for her. She explained, “It’s definitely always been in my head, but most of my time and energy has been spent in the digital space over the past few years. So it feels so great to be able to experiment in television by infusing it with the medium I’ve grown to love.”

And her favourite thing about her show is that everyone is always so positive. Said Grace, “Everyone that works on the show is so amazingly positive and upbeat that it makes for such a fun work environment. It’s really a great space to be creative. The dumber ideas, the better!”

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Credit: NBCUniversal.

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.
Photo credit: NBCUniversal.

Besides The Grace Helbig Show, premiering on E! on a back-to-back time slot, is also the brand new season of The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills – with more growing pains within life-long friendships, jaw-dropping travels with no need for a filter, Instagrammable fashions, love-worthy moments and much more drama.

A new friend – in the form of the daughter of entertainment megastar David Hasselhoff – joins the cast and somehow manages to penetrate into the group of twenty-somethings who have been tight knit for more than a decade. New friends also bring up old grudges and clear lines are drawn when sides get chosen.
Catch the back-to-back premiere of The Grace Helbig Show and the new season of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills tomorrow, on 26 May, Tuesday, at 10pm on E! Channel. (StarHub Channel 441, SingTel TV 328).

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