The Siloso Beach Party 2016 – 2017

Held at the scenic Siloso Beach in Sentosa, the annual Siloso Beach Party is one of Singapore’s more definitive and biggest beach countdown parties, drawing both locals and tourists from all walks of life outdoors – to a night of unbridled revelry beyond imagination and blessings for a brighter new year.

Siloso Beach Party is one of Singapore’s biggest and most definitive countdown parties.
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10th edition of the Siloso Beach Party took place last night

The 10th edition of the iconic party – which had taken place last night to welcome in the new year 2017, saw a star studded line up of international and local DJs and unique treats giving the 12,000 guests who had turned up, a full 12 hours of festivities, non stop music and entertainment.

The party offered a full 12 hours of music, fun and entertainment.

I had been invited to cover this event – and this had been my second time at the Siloso Beach Party.

The party goers had started streaming in with their friends from 6pm onwards as excitement and cheer filled the air. When I had arrived, the DJs were well and truly in action.

Music and DJs

Kicking off at 8pm with electronic dance music, the DJ action for this year’s event had been headlined by Dutch DJ and producer Quintino, ranked No. 32 in the Top 100 DJs list by DJ Mag this year. It had also consisted of other prominent international names such as Kat DJ from Philippines. Up and coming local DJs were also showing off their talents, including 2015 Sentosa DJ Spin Off champion, CADEN, as well as DJ Kayolava and Shawny Shawn.

A line-up of well known local and international DJs took to the stage.
[Photo credit: SENTOSA]

Their music had been definitely upbeat and catchy, and I found myself unconsciously tapping my feet and singing along to the infectious beats, on many occasions. It was a great mood to get the party goers in, leading up to the new year.

Now I know what to put on my next marathon running music playlist, especially in terms of the final 10km of the race!

Added Maria Santos, 40, an environment manager who was at her first Siloso Beach Party, “The music was really amazing and made me feel very happy and joyful.”

Everyone’s having so much fun!

The Foam Pool

Of course, no Siloso Beach Party could not be complete without dunking into the event’s signature Foam Pool – which I simply could not wait to jump into, the moment I was there. And like I had expected, the Foam Pool had been such great fun that I could probably have stayed in there all night.

How could I not jump into the foam pool?

Agreed Darpan Batra, 25, a software engineer, who was also at the party, “The foam pool was really fun; this was the first time I had seen such a concept and I thought that it’s really good and interesting.”

And over at the foam pool area too, there had been a special two hour DJ segment by veteran DJ Kevin O’Hara, who had dished out a curation of Siloso Beach Party hits over the last decade.

Party goers having fun at the Foam Pool.

Ladies Only Booth

For the first time this year, the Siloso Beach Party also had a ladies-only booth, presented by Kao, where ladies could take a break from the partying and enjoy a pampering session. The booth included sections for ladies to touch up their hair and make up, enjoy a relaxing eye mask and more, as they refreshed and recharged themselves before returning to the sandy dance floor.

The Ladies Only booth.

And I really loved this special corner – especially the inflatable plastic “sleeping bags” which had come in some rather interesting shapes – such as watermelons and swans; it was a great opportunity for party goers to rest their tired bodies and feet.

I loved the inflatable “sleeping bags.”

Unfortunately though, the staff manning this booth didn’t really want people to fall asleep there, so they were really on the ball in terms of chasing away people who were doing so.

Food and Drinks on-site

For the party, each admission ticket had come packaged with a standard drink – which had been a choice of either tequila with sprite, or pure sprite. Additional drinks were available for purchase, and had included beer, water and juices. Food was also available to buy and this had included different types of finger foods, such as burgers, sausages and ice cream, which many of the party goers had lapped up with relish.

Many queued up for the assortment of food and drinks on-site.

Said Maria, “The food and drinks were really great. I had the burger and I enjoyed it.”

Penning down resolutions and hopes for 2017

Revellers who had been eager to embrace the New Year, also had the opportunity to pen their resolutions and hopes for 2017 on the Siloso Beach Party’s resolution board.

Penning down my hopes for 2017.

I hoped for a brighter 2017 in terms of the health of not only my mum, but also for the rest of our family and friends.

The Countdown 

The New Year countdown itself lasted for one full minute – I thought that this was great in terms of adding to the vibrant and lively atmosphere, as well as to drum up the mood for the new year ahead. And then at the stroke of midnight, fireworks lit up the night sky over Siloso Beach. It had been really stunning indeed.

Counting down to the new year ahead.

Said Darpan, “The countdown was awesome and the fireworks were fantastic! We really enjoyed that part, in terms of the glamour and the lights and everything. It had been so much fun.”

The fun carried on till 6am

However the fun did not stop after the countdown though. While some party goers chose to call it a night after the new year had struck, many chose to continue to party on till 6am on 1 January 2017.

For many, the fun carried on till 6am.

Said Maria, “The Siloso Beach Party was amazing and I would definitely be back again next year.”

She added, “The ambience and atmosphere is great. I feel calm, peaceful and very happy here. Though there were a lot of people, it didn’t feel crowded; you still have lots of space to sit or stand, so that was very good.”

Party goers take a breather.

Event hold special meaning for organisers

Putting together the Siloso Beach Party each year, holds a special meaning for the organisers.

The event holds a special meaning for the organisers.

Said Agatha Yip, Director of Sales and Marketing, Sentosa Leisure Management – the island management of Sentosa Development Corporation, “The tradition of counting down to the New Year with friends and loved ones on sandy shores in beachwear while dancing to good music is one that holds a special meaning for Team Sentosa. Delivering an experience that is both memorable and full of hope is part of what the State of Fun wants to achieve.”

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Thank you Siloso Beach Party for the invite.

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