The Walking Dead Season 6: Did a major character really die?

Warning: Spoilers ahead. If you have not watched The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3, do not read on.

This has got to be the latest talking point of the newest season and episode of The Walking Dead.

A major character dies in the latest episode of S6 in The Walking Dead. Photo from

A major character dies in the last episode of S6 in The Walking Dead.
Photo from

In the third episode of the sixth season, Glenn Rhee (played by Steven Yeun) had been apparently surrounded and devoured by a whole army of walkers, after toppling off a dumpster – thanks to Nicholas, who had shot himself in the head and fell from the dumpster, unwittingly bringing Glenn along with him.

Many viewers had been in complete denial

Immediately upon seeing the episode, many viewers had been in complete denial at the apparent death of one of the show’s most popular characters and refused to believe that he actually dead.

In fact, many people had backed this up with insane theories about the footage having been shot in an ambiguous way.

For example, following the episode, the Internet had been abuzz with theories about how there had been no clear shot of Glenn actually being devoured by the walkers and that the blood and guts in the scene actually belonged to Nicholas, who had been sheltering Glenn’s body – to allow Glenn to somehow sneak away to safety perhaps under the dumpster.

Is Glenn really dead? Photo by

Is Glenn really dead?
Photo by

As well, some netizens had also argued about the low, tilted angle of the camera, in the shot where Glenn was seen falling to the ground and then subsequently a close-up shot of his face was shown – which did not mean anything.

How could an escape even be possible?

But come to think of it, such an escape from a situation like this one is quite improbable. How could any human being actually survive this?

No matter how brave or heroic a character had been in the past, escaping is simply beyond superhuman abilities, and I don’t think that Glenn has any sort of special powers – otherwise we would be watching a Marvel superhero series rather than a serial about a zombie apocalypse.

Think about the integrity of The Walking Dead show

Also, think about the integrity of The Walking Dead show. If they somehow did manage to fake Glenn’s death in this episode and actually bring him back to life, then it would ruin the integrity of the show. In the zombie apocalypse, people don’t just suddenly come back to life like that.

And I also don’t think that the zombies care whether a character has been around since Season 1 or if he is a new character who was introduced say, a few episodes ago.

Unless of course, they have actually somehow pulled a Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

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