Use your smartphone to control all your electronics at home – with KlikR

KlikR by AXTRO Smart, is advertised as the ultimate device that you need, to control all of your electronic devices from your smartphone. A small IoT (Internet Of Things) product that you can place near any of your electronics at home, KlikR functions through Infrared remote controls.

Said Jeremy Low, 23, Business development manager at AXTRO Smart, “KlikR replaces your remote control. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and your applications via Infrared (IR).”

KlikR is billed as the only smart home device you need.

KlikR is billed as the only smart home device you need.

Paired with an Apple or Android smartphone

Once paired with your Apple or Android smartphone, KlikR can control any electronic device at home, from a single application dashboard via your phone.

Said Jeremy, “The KlikR mobile app contains a wide database of pre-configured IR commands across a wide range of devices, from television to air conditioning units. Even if your device is not supported natively in the database, the KlikR has a learning mode which makes it 100 per cent compatible with any IR device.”

With our increasingly digital lifestyles and the growing importance of electronics in today’s lives, the concept of the KlikR is definitely an interesting and relevant one.

KlikR comes in three colours.

KlikR comes in two colours.

Said Jeremy, “We have to juggle a myriad of devices daily. It is not uncommon to have at lest four different remote controls in your living room. Not only is it confusing, but it is also an unsightly mess on our coffee table.”

He added “With the intuitive KlikR app, it allows you to control all your IR devices from a single interface – your smartphone.”

Testing out the KlikR

Thanks to AXTRO Smart, I had the opportunity to try out a KlikR device in my home.

While the concept may be interesting and quite cool, I must admit though that I had some issues with setting up the KilikR. The original review unit that I had been given had some problems. So a replacement unit was needed.

Astro Sports sent me a KlikR unit to review.

AXTRO Smart sent me a KlikR unit to review.

I tried setting up the KlikR for our television, a 55” Sony unit. The process took several minutes to set up as you have to wait for the smartphone to detect the presence of the KlikR and then subsequently teach the KilikR the various buttons on the remote control. For the television this had included the on/off switch, volume buttons and also changing the various channels.

And on completion of the setup, if you wanted to make some changes to it – such as pairing the KlikR with a different smartphone or perhaps to change the electronic device that a KlikR is controlling, for instance from a television to an air-con, then this can be quite tricky, as you will have to first un-pair the KlikR and then reset it from scratch. Also due to this, there may be initial problems with the detection of the KlikR. But after several minutes our family had managed to set things up correctly and had successfully reset our KlikR device, over from another smartphone to mine.

This difficulty probably stems from the fact that one KlikR can only be used to control one device at home. Said Jeremy, “Each KlikR can only be linked to a single device – that is really the only complaint I have about the KlikR though.”

I set up the KlikR with my living room television.

I set up the KlikR with my living room television.

Subsequently though, we realised that we could simply share KlikR settings across smartphones through cloud syncing services – so we perhaps had need not bothered with the resetting in the end. Said Jeremy, “The sharing function is a great feature. You can easily share your KlikR settings with family members and guests, allowing them the same great convenience.”

Using the KlikR

After the setup had been completed, I also tried using the KlikR – and I felt that the rate of responsiveness could be a little faster. For example, I would have to press the volume controls two or three times before the KlikR detects the pushing of the button for the volume to change.

But that aside, I think that it is really cool to be able to control the volume of the television and even change channels at home from my smartphone. I feel that I have more power over the television – this means that I can now flip the television channels over more easily to suit me, without having to fight for a single remote control at home!

Screenshot of KlikR in use on my iPhone.

Screenshot of KlikR in use on my iPhone.

Low Price

Despite the minor setbacks with setup and usage, one main attraction about KlikR though, is the low price. At $39.00 per piece, it is a lot cheaper than many universal remote controls in the market.

Said Jeremy, “The traditional universal remote control concept is generally an expensive and complicated remote that aims to do the bare basics of consolidating various remotes into a single device.”

He added, “But with the KlikR, the whole concept is revolutionised. Instead of a single expensive device, KlilR allows you to have multiple affordable devices to control your home appliances. By tapping on the smartphone application that is connected to the Internet, the possibilities are limitless! Think TV program schedule on your living room page, or outdoor weather conditions on your air-con page.”

Features of the KlikR.

Features of the KlikR.

Battery Life

I have not had the chance to test this out for myself, but the Battery life for the KlikR is being advertised as lasting six to eight months each. I think that this is a decent amount of battery as it means that you do not have to undergo the hassle of constantly changing the battery of your KlikR units.

Where to get KlikR

KlikR can be purchased online in Singapore.

KlikR can be purchased online in Singapore.

In Singapore, the KlikR can currently be purchased online at AXTRO Smart for $39.00 each. Shipping charges apply.

In the coming weeks, KilkR will be made available at leading consumer electronics and home improvement stores.

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