How People Waste Time At Work

How do employees waste time at work? (Image:

How do people waste time at work? (Image:

How are people wasting time at work? Find out more here.

We all keep ourselves busy in the office, but apart from work, what are some of the other stuff that we do?

Here’s a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the time-wasting activities that we all enjoy – during our day at work.

Chatting on Whatsapp

How many of you have been guilty of engaging in those Whatsapp chats, instead of maybe writing that weekly report at work?

A number of you, I imagine. Whatsapp is a very common office activity!

For all we know, perhaps you are even chatting to your colleagues now!

Of course, we all know that Whatsapp chats are addictive and a great way to catch up with like-minded people, who like exchanging the latest news and gossip.

And it sure beats work anytime, right? Obviously. Otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it.

Checking Facebook

Were you reading through your Facebook news feeds when you chanced upon this article… shared by a Facebook friend?

Yes, Facebook is definitely an activity done by all and sundry in the office.

Whether you are using Facebook to stalk your ex or laugh at those hilarious Grumpy Cat memes shared by your friends, it is very addictive, actually.

But you are not alone. Most likely, as you are reading this, your colleague across the room may also be fervently engrossed in reading through his own Facebook news feeds.

And it won’t be too surprising if that’s exactly what your boss is doing as well.

Playing Facebook Games

How many times have you been caught playing the latest Facebook games… at work? In fact, if people are not checking their Facebook accounts, many are actually engrossed in these.

For the record, some of the top games played include Farmville, Candy Crush, Diamond Dash and Texas HoldEm Poker. How many of these titles ring a bell to you? Feeling guilty?

Surfing YouTube

If you are not on Facebook, there is a high chance that you are using YouTube.

And I don’t think that you are watching educational videos that teach you how to do your job more efficiently.

Admit it – you are probably catching up on the latest episodes of your favourite TV shows or laughing at those hilarious two or three minute videos that are so prevalent on YouTube, aren’t you?

Yes. That’s right. I know you so well.

online shopping is common amongst office workers. (Image:

Online shopping is common amongst office workers. (Image:

Shopping Online

Yes, we all love to shop as a form of de-stressing.

And what’s more, we don’t seem to do the shopping much – after office hours these days. Rather, many of us like to do it during the day.

Christmas time at the end of the year would definitely be a busy period for office workers. A few clicks of the button… and from the comfort of our office chair, is all that it takes for us to buy our presents – to have more family time after work, right?

This could be at a cost to our productivity at work. But of course, we will probably be consoling ourselves… by saying that everyone does it. And yes, we are correct.

Going to the toilet to sleep

We all know it. You have probably been guilty of this too, occasionally.

Nah, I shall forgive you for catching that half-hour catnap in the toilet. After all, it’s probably the only truly peaceful and quiet place at work that you can get your shut-eye without anyone knowing what you are really up to.
And better still to come, the beauty of it all is that you can always tell your boss that you took so long in the washroom because you were having constipation.

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