What are some Halloween Events in Singapore?

So you want to spend the Halloween week giving yourself some mighty scares, but you aren’t sure where to go to soak in the Halloween fright night atmosphere. In Singapore, there are plenty of Halloween events that you can go to.

Here are a few of the more interesting ones that you may just want to consider.

 Sentosa Spooktacular 2013

Sentosa Spooktacular 2013. (Photo from Deiji.com)

Sentosa Spooktacular 2013. (Photo from Deiji.com)

If you are interested in Thai horror movies and want to come face-to-face with the evil spirits in them to satisfy your own morbid curiosity, then you finally have your chance this year – at the Sentosa Spooktacular 2013.

A signature annual Halloween event at Sentosa’s Fort Siloso, participants have five haunted trails to explore this year – with each trail being based on a popular Thai horror show. Shutter, Pee Mak, Body, Dorm and Coming Soon are the shows being featured.

So if you have always wanted to challenge Wichien (from Dorm) or Chaba (from Coming Soon), then you may finally do so – and if they are feeling charitable to you, then you may be lucky enough to emerge from your encounters in one piece.

Date: 19, 25, 26, 31 October, 1, 2 November
Time: 7pm-11pm
Venue: Fort Siloso, Sentosa
Click here for website.

 Race the Dead

Race the dead (Photo from racethedead.sg)

Race the dead (Photo from racethedead.sg)

If you think that you are ready for the zombie apocalypse and can’t wait to see if you can outrun zombies, then think again.

In Race the Dead, the zombie apocalypse has finally been brought alive. This event is a five-kilometre dash with a catch – you have to dodge and avoid the zombies that will certainly be hungry for your tasty human flesh. Moreover, as if this is not challenging enough, you must also avoid obstacles in your path as you run.

Only the fittest survive – so don’t say that you have not been warned.

Spots for this event have already been sold out, but you can always drop by and cheer your fellow runners on, or simply come down and soak up the post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

Date: 26, 27 Oct 2013
Time: 8am – 8pm
Venue: Siloso Beach, Sentosa
Click here for website.

 Halloween Horror Night 3

Halloween Horror Night 3 (Photo from rwsentosa.com)

Halloween Horror Night 3 (Photo from rwsentosa.com)

Meet the three evil sisters at this year’s edition of the Halloween Horror Night at Resorts World Sentosa. One is a twisted singer with a lovely voice and haunts the opera, another hides amongst the shadows of the forest, and the third one lurks in the cemetery and waits stealthily for her prey.

With three haunted houses and three scare zones this year, you should prepare yourself for a massive fright if you are going down here this Halloween. But be mindful of the queues, which may just spoil your night.

To read a review of my experience at Halloween Horror Night 3, check out my earlier blog post.

Dates: 18, 19 Oct 2013?, 25, 26 Oct 2013, ?31 Oct 2013, ?1 – 3 Nov 2013
Time: 7am to 1pm
Venue: Universal Studios Singapore @ Sentosa
Click here for website.

 2013 Singapore Zombie Walk

Zombie Walk at The Cathay. (Photo from Singapore Zombie Walk).

Zombie Walk at The Cathay. (Photo from Singapore Zombie Walk).

Be prepared for carnage at The Cathay, Orchard Road this year, when the zombies take over the place.

Yes, the Zombie Walk is back for the second year running and the undead will be shuffling through the shopping mall. As well, if you are there this year, you’ll also be able to play some fun Halloween-themed games, win prizes and listen to horror-themed songs.

While there are no admission fees for this event, do note though, that the number of participants is capped at 500, so make sure that you are early, so that you don’t miss out on a spot.

Date: 26 October 2013
Time: 9pm onwards
Venue: The Cathay, 2 Handy Road
Click here for website.

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