Which Game of Thrones character does your favourite English Premier League Club Represent?

With the number of twists that the latest season of the English Premier League has thrown up this season, it appears to be looking more and more like the hit TV show Game of Thrones, of which the latest season is due to hit Singapore TV screens on Monday.

And with some unlikely candidates surprisingly coming to power to lay their hand on the Iron Throne (the Barclays Premier League title) and the perennial favourites fading into the sunset, which of the English Premier League teams remind us of the characters in the Game of Thrones?

Which GoT character/house is your favourite BPL club?

Which GoT character/house is your favourite BPL club?

Here is a list, in no particular order.

1. Aston Villa – Jon Snow

At the end of the last season of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow, a key player in Game of Thrones, was left for dead by the Nights Watch.

Like Jon, Aston Villa have been a key player in the Premier League and present since the beginning. But now, time appears to be up and death looms for this team.

Yet fans are secretly hoping that they will be resurrected…like how Game of Thrones fans are keeping their fingers crossed in the hope that Jon is returning.

2. Leicester City – Arya Stark

Both Leicester City and Arya Stark are small in size and lack the weight of some of their stronger and more powerful counterparts. Yet at the same time, they are both hell-bent on achieving their mission.

For Arya, her mission is to train as a assassin and eliminate everyone on her “kill list.” For Leicester City, the mission is to eliminate everyone else in the Barclays Premier League en route to winning the title.

3. Arsenal & Arsene Wenger – Cersei Lannister

And there is one striking similarity between Arsenal and Cersei.

Both of them are clinging onto power and simply refuse to let go, even though their decisions are apparently making less and less sense.

And their subjects also want their head on a spike, too. Surely, with the number of Arsenal fans crying out for Wenger’s exit, the coincidences are indeed uncanny.

Arsenal FC.

Arsenal FC.

4. Tottenham Hotspur – Ramsey Bolton

Just like Ramsey, Tottenham appear to have come to power sooner than many had expected them to.

However like Ramsey too, the team is unlikely to succeed in its quest for recognition and glory and will most probably fall short at the final hurdle.

5. Liverpool – Daenerys Targaryen

Like Daenerys, Liverpool is a rather well-known name and they used to be very successful and feared, but nowadays the Reds do not seem to be getting anywhere.

Whether they will eventually reclaim their brilliance and claim the “Iron Throne” in the end though, I suppose that only time will tell.

6. Chelsea – Jamie Lannister

Similar to Jamie, Chelsea were a feared opposition at one stage but due to an unfortunate mishap (the sacking of Mourinho), their skills to win matches have now deserted them and they are trying to get these back.

And like Jamie, Chelsea are also very rich with plenty of money to throw about.

7. Manchester City – Roose Bolton

Just like Roose, City used to be the quiet neighbours looking up at everyone’s shoulders, but they have since overtaken their rivals to lock in their position as the greatest team in the North.

8. Manchester United – House Stark

Manchester United had used to be a big and feared name, with a long list of distinguished players.

But now they are relying more on younger players to get them out of trouble.

This echoes with what House Stark is going through, being forced to rely on the young Bran and Rickon Stark to get them back to the top where they believe they belong.\

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