Win attractive prizes this Lunar New Year with Carlsberg

This Chinese New Year, Carlsberg will play on the Mandarin pronunciation of the number 16 (yi liù) and the Chinese term (yi liú) which means excellence, top notch or simply the best.

[Photo by Carlsberg]

[Photo by Carlsberg]

Four limited-edition festive cans

So Carlsberg’s Chinese New Year campaign, bringing to life the tagline ‘Probably the best Year (20-[yi liú]), rings in the Lunar New Year with four limited edition festive cans that feature a contemporary graphic design – infused with traditional festive elements.

Said Jimmy Toh, General Manager of Carlsberg Singapore, “We took inspiration from our signature Carlsberg series of marketing campaigns launched in 2015, If Carlsberg Did, and imagined that if Carlsberg did Chinese New Year, it would probably be the best year. By doing this, we hope that it would be as superior as Carlsberg – probably the best beer in the world.”

Limited edition cans will be available.

Limited edition cans will be available.

Comprising of themes such as Friendship, Luck and Fortune, the term (yi liú) is used to form traditional Chinese four-character greetings. Along with 20-(yi liú) these designs convey Carlsberg’s well wishes for everyone in the upcoming Year of the Monkey.

Available at major supermarkets and hypermarkets

These limited edition Carlsberg cans are available at all major supermarkets and hypermarkets during the celebratory period, all over Singapore.

They are exclusively available in the 24-can cartons (323ml per can) with each carton comprising of two designs. And every purchase of a 28-can carton will also entitle the bearer to a free Carlsberg chiller bag.

The cans are available in 24-carton packs.

The limited edition designs are exclusively available in 24-can cartons (323 ml per can)

Carlsberg Limited Edition Quart Bottles

At participating coffee stores and hawker centres, you can also check out the special Carlsberg limited edition quart bottles (644ml each). These bottles feature festive greetings such as Friendship (you qíng), Luck (Yùn qì) and Fortune (cái yùn), as well as Bonus (hua hóng), flourishing Business (sheng yì) and Health (Jiàn kang). And there are special prizes to be won as well.

Redeem attractive prizes

For  each of the quart bottle caps, flip it over and see if there is one of three symbols – $8, 20 or (yi liú) printed on it. An $8 cap can be redeemed for cash at participating outlets.

A combination of a 20 and a (yi liú) cap will entitle you to a $1,688 cash prize which can be redeemed at Carlsberg Singapore Office at 238 Thompson Road, #13-08 Novena Square.

Redeem attractive prizes with Carlsberg.

Redeem attractive prizes with Carlsberg.

Redemption can be made on weekdays between 10am to 5pm, excluding lunch hours and public holidays by 31st March.

Check out Carlsberg’s Facebook page for more information.

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