Would a minion movie work?

The cute, yellow Minions are obviously the breakout stars from the Despicable Me movies. These adorable yellow creatures were initially born as protagonist Gru’s little helpers to aid him with everyday chores, but their hilarious antics provide viewers with plenty of comic relief during Despicable Me.


But that said would a movie entirely based around them be actually a winner at the box office? Here is what I think.

The film needs an actual plot

It is not much point to just showcase minions going about their hilarious pranks much like the “Gags” TV series that depicts funny pranks being done on random victims. That would totally fall flat on its face and such a feature-length movie would have no head or tail.

Instead, for a Minions movie to work, it needs an actual storyline and should preferably include human characters, in addition to the Minion ones. Then it might perhaps recover the magic from the original Despicable Me film.

minion2Minion Overload Can Be Bad

Sure, these creatures are comical, but then again, they are only given to the audience in small doses during the Despicable Me movies – much like those comical penguins in the Madagascar films, who were also surprise breakout stars of the Madagascar stories.

A little bit of Minion “magic” helps to spice up the storyline and provide some good humour to viewers. But as they always say, too much of a good thing can be bad. So the producers should not overload the viewers with Minion antics for such a movie. They will have to think through this movie carefully in order to fully capitalise on the increasing popularity of Gru’s Minions.

Movies Without Talking Can Succeed

As we probably know from the Despicable Me movies, the minions do not speak a language that is understood by humans. They have their own form of babbling tongue that is used to communicate. But is this a good or a bad thing?

In 2008, Pixar delivered a completely awesome movie, called Wall.e whereby the two main characters did not speak a single word. But the story was extremely touching and grabbed the audience’s attention and emotions, because the two protagonists portrayed very strong feelings and it was a gripping action story.

So if the producers can produce such a successful formula in the upcoming Minion movie, which will be released next year, then it would definitely be a hit in the eyes of both viewers and critics alike.

The Minion Movie is predicted to hit cinema screens in December 2014.


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