A Lucozade Motivation Zone to Boost Sports Enthusiasts @ the Spartan Race, TRI-Factor Series and Performance Series

Specially formulated to improve hydration through a combination of carbohydrates and electrolytes, Lucozade Sport allows for faster and longer hydration in athletes.

Lucozade Sport has fuelled well known athletes

Lucozade Sport has fuelled many well known athletes over the years.

Lucozade Sport has fuelled many well known athletes over the years.

Having fuelled many well known athletes in the United Kingdom such as Steven Gerrard, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Gareth Bale, local sports enthusiasts can enjoy Lucozade Sport at three upcoming races – the TRI-Factor triathlon Series, the obstacle Spartan Race and the Performance Series.

At these three races, Lucozade will be the isotonic drink sponsor.

And to further motivate the participants at these races, Lucozade Sport is introducing the unique Lucozade Motivation Zone in Singapore – a period of the race, usually at the tail end, that is transformed into a vibrant stretch of energising globes, psychedelic lighting and heart-pumping music.

Lucozade Motivation Zone to help participants finish strong

The Lucozade Motivation Zone, is adapted from the London Marathon #Mile23 Takeover, and its main aim is to boost the mood of the participants when they are fatigued and exhausted and contemplating giving up. Lucozade hopes that this will help the participants to finish strong and successfully outdo themselves despite the odds.

Friends and families are also encouraged to cheer the participants on at this stage of the race and with the support of their loved ones, together with the booster provided at the Lucozade Motivation Zone, Lucozade is hoping to help spur on participants to overcome physical and mental barriers.

So participants taking part in these three races can challenge themselves to finish strong, while hydrating themselves with the zesty taste of the orange flavour of Lucozade Sport.

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