Why Arsenal FC Can Win The Barclays Premiership

Can Arsenal FC win the BPL Title this season?

Can Arsenal FC win the BPL Title this season?

It is now mid-January and the Barclays Premiership (BPL) season still has a few more months to go. Anything can happen from now until May, but this season represents Arsenal’s best chance to win the Barclays Premiership title, since 2004

Here are some reasons why the Gunners are doing so well this season.

Solidity of Per Metesacker and Laurent Koscielny at the back

In previous seasons, Arsenal has struggled at the back and cracked whenever pressure was applied to their defence. But this season they have improved by leaps and bounds, thanks to the brilliance of Per Metesacker’s and Laurent Koscielny’s partnership.

In fact, their statistics speak for themselves. The previous time that Arsenal lost a match when both of these players were on the field for the full 90 minutes was back in January 2012 when the Gunners lost to Manchester United.

Speedy midfielders and great attacking playmakers

In addition to their defence, Arsenal are also doing very well in midfield in the BPL, with fast and speedy players like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lukas Podolski and Theo Walcott – these are all players whom defenders will struggle to keep pace with.

Arsenal will definitely miss Walcott’s absence for the rest of the season. But the Gunners will have nothing to fear in terms of their title chances, as they also have other good players. After all, Oxlade-Chamberlain is just returning from injury and Gnabry is showing plenty of promise. During Walcott’s lay-off, Arsenal is able to capitalize on these players to win games. So they have plenty of choices and are not reliant on just one or two players.

However, they are not the only players that Arsenal can rely on. Oezil, Cazorla, Rosicky, Ramsey, Arteta and Wilshere are also others who can keep possession of the ball well. Their ability to hold onto the ball is one of Arsenal’s key strengths and is also another reason why they have been doing well this season.

Arsenal FC bear.

Arsenal FC bear.

The Brilliance of Giroud

In attack, Olivier Giroud has proven to be a formidable force this season. He is strong and fit and has been scoring plenty of vital goals for the Gunners. Moreover, there was a period when Giroud was out injured for a few games yet Arsenal kept on winning and didn’t show any signs of letting up. The fact that more than one player is contributing to the total goal tally is good for a team.

So can Arsenal win the title?

Only time will tell at whether Arsenal can continue to stave off the big boys at City and Chelsea, but anything can happen in football.

The Gunners have a good chance to win the league. But there are still critics who don’t seem to believe that they can last the distance – even though Arsenal have been the league leaders all the way since the early days of this season.

Arsenal need to get a good result against one of the other teams in the top five. If they are able to win against say, Manchester City or Chelsea, this will definitely signify their title intentions and prove to everyone that they have the ability to go all the way.

Today, Arsenal have gotten as far as they are, by winning all the “small” games that matter in the BPL. But as to whether this is enough to take them all the way, only time will tell. After all, their title rivals must play against each other too – and that is going to mean some points dropped for them as well. It is just a matter of who drops the least points from now till the end of the season.

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