Basic Techniques For Swimming Novices

If you are keen to pick up swimming but you don’t know really where to begin, here are a few basic tips to get you started on your swimming journey.



1) Don’t be afraid to get submerged in water

For many swimming novices, they may have an irrational fear or phobia of water. There are many reasons for this – for example, a childhood experience of nearly drowning, or having watched a sibling or a friend having a bad experience in the water.

But if you want to take up swimming, the most important thing is to make sure that you can feel completely comfortable and can hold your breath when you are fully submerged in water. Keep on practising this until you no longer feel nervous and apprehensive when doing so.

2) Practise floating in the water

Once you are completely comfortable in water, you need to practise how to float. While many beginners have the feeling that they will sink when they are surrounded by water, this is not true – it is very easy to stay afloat actually, as long as your lungs are filled with plenty of air – because your body is less dense than water, based on Archimedes’ Principle. So you should really not be afraid that you will sink. In fact, a feeling of sinking is something that is purely psychological.

3) Practise the Flutter Kick

A simple and effective technique in swimming, the flutter kick is typically where your legs are propelling through the water in a whipping movement. Once you master this kick, you will be able to gradually pick up the backstroke and front crawl swimming strokes as they rely on a similar kicking technique.

4) Try treading water

Once you’ve learnt the flutter kick technique, you should be able to tread water. This is a technique that lets you stay in the same position in the water, with your body in an upright position and your head above the water. This is useful to know, in case you may need to practise getting orientated to a new body of water, or watching something that is taking place above water.

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