Barclays Premier League Mid Season Report Card 2014/2015

We are about halfway done with the 2014/2015 Barclays Premier League season. How have the teams? Here is an analysis of how well the top eight teams in the league table are doing.

It is the middle of the Barclays Premier League 2014/2015 season. How have the top eight teams fared? Source:

It is the middle of the Barclays Premier League 2014/2015 season. How have the top eight teams fared?

1st: Chelsea

Chelsea has performed superbly this season. They seized control at the top of the table very early on and they have not lost their top position since. Their players are linking together very well, with Nemanja Matic delivering performances that would easily make him the club’s best performer – and maybe even the best player in the league. New signing Cesc Fabregas has been a gem in the Chelsea midfield as well. Despite their minor slip at Newcastle, it still seems that Chelsea are on course to clinch the Barclays Premier League title – again.

Grade: A

2nd: Manchester City

This season, Manchester City has fallen slightly short of their usual lofty high standards, and has not been very consistent. This may cost them a successful defence of their league title. For example, who could forget City’s massive slip-up against Burnley, where they went two goals up – but ended the game in a draw.

If I were to pick out two players who have done well for Manchester City, they would be Sergio Aguero and David Silva. There’s nothing much I can say about the rest of their team. At least they are only three points away from Chelsea, so their aspirations to win the league are very much alive still.

Grade: B

3rd: Manchester United

At this stage last season, Manchester United was a complete wreck.

This season, Van Gaal has done well in the managerial hot seat, having slowly but surely guided the Red Devils to third spot – despite a less-than-spectacular start to the season with a defeat to Swansea, followed by draws to Sunderland and Burnley. But over the weeks, he’s worked on the team and has since managed to bring out the best in many Man U players, especially David De Gea, who is slowly turning into a top-notch goalkeeper.

However, that said, Man U won’t be winning the Premier League this season – ten points behind leaders Chelsea is a gap too far for them to bridge.

Grade: B

4th: Southampton

For a non “top-four” club that was recently promoted back to the Premier League only a couple of seasons ago, the Saints have been nothing short of amazing, sitting in a lofty fourth position. This is even more admirable, considering that they had lost many of their star players – as well as their manager, during the summer of last season.

It is even more impressive, that the Saints have the biggest victory margin this season – when they whipped Sunderland by a massive eight goals to nil, during the first few weeks of the season. They definitely deserve nothing less than the top grade.

Grade: A+

5th: Arsenal

Frankly speaking, Arsenal has been very disappointing this season with some very inconsistent and haphazard performances – even falling to a low of eighth position in the table. While Arsenal does have their moments during their matches occasionally, these are definitely not enough to make their season. And the main reason for this is because the entire squad is not performing. There only seems to be one player who is delivering the goods on a regular basis – Alexis Sanchez. But Sanchez can’t lift the Gunners alone. He needs help.

If the Gunners continue at this rate, they have to hope for a good cup run – in either the FA Cup again, or perhaps even the Champions League – in order to continue their silverware-winning streak. But winning the Premier League? No chance, mate.

Grade: D

6th: West Ham United

I have been rather impressed with West Ham United this season – and Steward Downing. They have done well and played consistently, winning all of the games that they would be expected to win. Moreover, on top of that, they also upset Manchester City and Liverpool – who was the top two teams last season.

Grade: A

7th: Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs are well on track in terms of their goal this season – to qualify for the Europa League, but nothing more. They are not playing impressively, and they lost to teams they should actually have beaten – such as Newcastle, Stoke and West Brom. But I suppose that they are semi-finalists in the Capitol One Cup though, so perhaps that is something for them to cheer about.

Grade: C+

8th: Liverpool

From second position last season, the Reds have really been so disappointing this season so far. Frankly speaking, the entire team is all over the pitch – they have no form or direction and are walking around like headless chickens.

At the same time, Mario Balotelli doesn’t seem to know where the goalmouth is, and both Simon Mignolet and Brad Jones can’t seem to keep goal for nuts. Perhaps they should never have sold Luis Suarez to Barcelona – it definitely seems as though they are missing him a lot more than they had initially expected.

Grade: E

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