CR7 Drive: Contemporary sports drink developed with Cristiano Ronaldo

Developed in collaboration with the global football star Cristiano Ronaldo, CR7 Drive, made by global nutrition company Herbalife, is the latest sports nutrition drink to hit the Singapore shelves.

CR7 Drive is the latest sports nutrition drink to hit Singapore shelves.

Provides three key components necessary for key sports performance

A contemporary take on traditional sports drinks, CR7 Drive provides three key components necessary for performance without the use of artificial flavours or sweeteners, enhanced hydration, metabolism support and energy. It also has only 51 calories per serving, and contains 320mg of electrolytes to deliver optimal hydration for the body.

To support the body’s metabolic function during exercise, CR7 Drive also contains Vitamin B12 and a mix of carbohydrates to provide the energy needed for optimum sporting performance.

Launching CR7 Drive in Singapore

To launch the CR7 Drive in Singapore, Herbalife had held a press conference at Orchard Central.

Explained Lin Wee, the General Manager of Herbalife Singapore, at the press event, “We are very excited to be bringing CR7 Drive to consumers in Singapore. Cristiano Ronaldo is an outstanding footballer who placed great value on the benefits of good nutrition. With his stamp of approval on the product following the rigorous research and development process, we believe that the final product will deliver immense value to a wide spectrum of consumers, including fitness enthusiasts, casual and professional athletes alike.”

A press conference was held at Orchard Central.

7 in 10 Singapore consumers buy sports drinks for hydration

Based on the findings of a Herbalife Asia Pacific Sports Nutrition Study conducted to gain insights into consumer attitudes on sports nutrition, they found that sports drinks were the most purchased sports nutrition product with almost seven in 10 (66 per cent) Singaporean consumers buying such products for hydration purposes over the last six months. This is slightly above the Asia Pacific average of six in 10 (63 per cent).

Said Wee, “The Herbalife Asia Pacific Sports Nutrition Study shows that Singapore consumers value the benefits that sports drinks can provide, underscoring the potential for CR7 Drive to make a big impact in the Singapore market, especially among millennials.”

The Key Findings of a Sports Nutrition Survey by Herbalife.

Drink meets the specific needs of athletes

Developed by a global Herbalife team, the company had wanted to create a special product that met the specific needs of athletes. Said John Haynes, one of the lead scientists involved in the development of CR7 Drive in a video that had been played to the media at the press conference, “So we built a drink from scratch that took Cristiano Ronaldo’s needs and biological data into his personal goals. We found that CR7 Drive is crucial for the everyday athlete and those trying to live a healthy lifestyle.”

According to Cristiano Ronaldo himself, also in a video, the footballer had chosen to partner with Herbalife because he considers his body a weapon and that it “gives him an advantage over other players.” To Ronaldo, adequate recovery after his training and football games is critical to his performance and if he does not train and fuel his body properly, he will not be able to perform at his best. And he strongly believes that Herbalife is able to give him what he wants.

Professional American triathlete Heather Jackson is another of the Herbalife sponsored athletes, and she has been taking CR7 Drive to fuel her trainings and races. On the CR7 Drive, she said, in a video, “It is a clean, safe and worry-free drink made with the best ingredients out there.”

Makes her feel more refreshed when she trains and competes

Closer to home, Singapore national Olympic rower Saiyidah Aisyah, who has been using Herbalife for the past three months, emphasises that the CR7 Drive makes her feel more refreshed when she trains and competes.

The drink has helped Aisyah (2nd from left) in her training and competitions.

Said Aisyah, “I’ve been told that I don’t drink enough and I am an outdoor sports person so I need to drink. I can feel the difference between drinking water, compared to water mixed with CR7 Drive – it makes me feel more refreshed and filled with electrolytes so that I don’t feel thirsty for my next training session.”

Aisyah also added, “Many fitness enthusiasts underestimate the importance of refuelling for hydration and energy during their workout. From my experience in training and competing, I have found that maintaining optimum hydration and energy levels is key to delivering my best rowing performance on a sustained basis. With an all-in-one sports nutrition such as CR7 Drive delivering the essential hydration, energy and metabolism support for intense physical activity, this will enable fitness enthusiasts to unlock the key to maintaining consistently high sporting performances.”

CR7 Drive is for everyone, not just elite athletes

But despite their partnership with Ronaldo – a top football player now plying his trade at Real Madrid in Spain, Irene Chong, an accredited nutritionist at Herbalife International, stressed that sports nutrition and the new CR7 Drive product is for everyone, and not just elite athletes. She said, “We feel that the lack of understanding needs to be addressed. People feel that sports nutrition is for the top athletes only, but fitness enthusiasts and casual exercisers, as well as the average athlete, also needs the basic nutrients like everyone else. Even if you brisk walk for half an hour for your daily exercise, you will need the proper sports nutrition too.”

And for endurance athletes such as marathon runners, trail runners and triathletes, Chong strongly recommends taking 100 – 250ml of fluid at 15 minute intervals in order to get sufficient hydration. She said, “For such long events, you need to keep reminding yourself to drink and to hydrate before you are thirsty. You lose 2 per cent of your body weight in water during exercise so hydration is especially important for endurance athletes.”

CR7 Drive can be for everyone, including runners.

Haynes also pointed out that most athletes tend to hydrate only when they are thirsty or after a workout. He said, “We normally drink when we are thirsty or after working out. But hydration is more than simply quenching your thirst. When you are exercising, you will also need the carbohydrates and energy that sports drinks such as CR7 Drive can provide, to maintain your performance.”

Half-hour workout session at the media launch

Members of the media were subjected to an intense half-hour workout session at the media launch event.

This session had been conducted in two parts – the first part was in the form of an aerobic dance workout, and the second part was a boot camp style session.

Hydrating with the CR7 Drive

Then after the workout session, which had left many of us panting and sweating, we hydrated with the CR7 Drive. This was my first time trying the drink. The CR7 Drive beverage comes in an Acai Berry flavour which I had thought was quite light and refreshing. The drink seemed to be light on the stomach too and its flavour is not overpowering and at the same time, a cup of the drink had felt sufficient in terms of quenching my thirst.

I have yet to go on some really long runs to try out the effects of the drink in terms of giving me energy, but in terms of the workout sessions which I have done, which had consisted of short and moderate distance runs, it has been good, without any stomach issues or other side effects. And it certainly helped with my dehydration.

We were subjected to a 1/2 hour workout.

The recommended serving size for CR7 Drive is to mix one scoop of the powder into 250mL of plain water. But depending on the temperature and your taste preferences, you may alter the dosage without any side effects. For example on a hot day you can choose to make CR7 Drive more dilute or else make it more concentrated if it is a particularly cool day.

You can also choose to make CR7 Drive into a gel-like paste if you prefer, by experimenting with the water-powder mixing ratio. This will be based on trial-and-error based on your preferences, as well.

Where to get CR7 Drive?

CR7 Drive is available through independent Herbalife members or online at The recommended retail price is SGD67.80 per unit (810 grams).

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