David Moyes Sacked by Manchester United

Manchester United have sacked their manager, David Moyes.

Manchester United have sacked their manager, David Moyes. (Image from yanksarecoming.com)

Manchester United have just sacked their manager, David Moyes.

Considering the extremely poor season that Manchester United have had under the leadership of Moyes, this revelation has actually been months in the making. Now it is official.

Expectations of Moyes were sky-high

When David Moyes first took over as manager, the club was buzzing and expectations were sky-high. Manchester United had just won the Barclays Premier League crown yet again. Moyes, who had been hand picked by United managerial legend Alex Ferguson himself, was supposed to continue on with the legacy.

Moyes’ Manchester United have failed miserably

But fast forward ten months later, and Manchester United have completely failed to defend their trophy. They are lying in a lowly seventh position in the Premier League. Furthermore, to rub salt into the wound, they are not even going to play in the Champions League next season.

The defeat against Everton during the weekend, merely confirmed that they don’t even have a mathematical chance to make it into the top four when the season ends next month. How the mighty have fallen from grace.

Furthermore, it wasn’t just any ordinary club that had put the final nail into Moyes’ coffin. It had been Everton – the very team that Moyes had left behind, to join fallen giants Manchester United. It must have really hurt him badly, to see his former club completely outplaying and outperforming the Red Devils.

No chance of salvaging anything from their season anymore

Manchester United can’t even salvage their season anymore, with a redemption piece of silverware. They were booted out of the Carling Cup semi-final by Sunderland and knocked out of the FA Cup by Swansea City, in the third round.

And because of their lowly seventh position in the Premier League, there is a strong chance that United may miss out on the Europa League too. If this happens, they will not be playing in Europe at all – for the first time since 1990. This is a huge blow indeed, for this well-known and prestigious football club.

Do not blame Moyes alone

Even though it was Moyes who had led United to their worst-ever season, it must also be noted that he had been cherry-picked by Sir Alex Ferguson himself. Usually, managers don’t really have a say over who will be their successor, so it was definitely not a conventional decision by United, to allow Ferguson to name the person who would take over his hot-seat.

Ferguson probably saw Moyes as a younger version of himself and saw his own qualities in Moyes – even though the younger Scott didn’t have the required top club credentials to prove his worth.

Apparently Ferguson had believed strongly in him at that time and the club did too. So they gave Moyes a six-year contract.

Ferguson’s decision to appoint Moyes was misguided, so Ferguson should take some of the blame too, for Moyes’ poor season at United. This will, no doubt, be a black mark on his otherwise illustrious career as United’s manager.

Ryan Giggs to take over

Now that Moyes is gone, Giggs will be United’s interim manager until the end of the season. However, it remains to be seen as to who is going to take over as full-time manager. Names that are being thrown up though, include Louis Van Gaal and Jurgen Klopp.

But as to whether the chosen successor can continue on the legacy that Ferguson has left behind, only time will tell.

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