Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014 Semi-Finals: The Night Samba Football Died

The match begins with an emotional tribute to fallen star Neymar. (Image:

The match began with an emotional tribute to fallen star, Neymar. (Image:

Brazilian samba football died last night.

And now, a nation is in mourning.

Selecao crushed and humiliated 7-1

In their semi-final match early this morning, the Brazilians were crushed and humiliated by the Germans – right in their own backyard.

Four goals within a space of six minutes in the first half had sealed the Selecao’s fate. And furthermore, by the 30th minute of the match, Die Mannschaft was a massive five goals ahead. There was no way back for the Brazilians, barring a miracle.

In the end, there was indeed no miracle for the Selecao. Germany crushed Brazil and is now the favourite team to take the World Cup crown. At least though, the Selecao got a consolation goal at the end.

Crushed. (Image:

A Brazilian fan crushed by the defeat of her team (Image:

And it must be noted that instead of celebrating their successful path to the Maracana, the Germans were seen consoling the Selecao at the end of the match. That is what I call a good act of sportsmanship – even though it probably won’t do anything much to repair the crushed Brazilian spirits.

The rugby score-line was a shocker

It wasn’t really a shock that the Germans had won. But I think the way that the Germans had taken the Selecao apart, was a complete shocker to football fans all across the globe. Nobody had expected the Brazilians to collapse on that sort of scale. In fact, we thought it would have been a much tighter game!

And Neymar, who was probably watching the game on TV, would have been completely stunned by this type of drama unfolding.

Brazil was not the favourite side due to injury and suspension

The Selecao are in a daze, unable to believe what just happened. (Image:

The Selecao are in a daze, unable to believe what had happened. (Image:

True, the Brazilians did not have two of their most influential players – playmaker Neymar and captain Thiago Silva for this match.

But would Neymar and Silva have been able to make a difference?

I think Silva would probably have been more influential in this game than Neymar. Without Silva’s guidance at the back, Brazil’s defenders were completely lost and confused and didn’t seem to know what to do.

David Luiz, who was the makeshift captain, was a complete disaster. In fact, it was he who had contributed to Germany’s first goal – and then it all went spectacularly downhill from there.

And with Neymar in the side, he would definitely have helped with Brazil’s attack, perhaps scoring goals before the deficit got too big, to inspire the team and give them confidence. But even if he was there, I think that Germany would still have won. Neymar is not a defender, so he would have had no say over keeping out Germany’s goals.

A fan clinging on to hope and praying for a miracle. (Image:

A fan clinging on to hope and praying for a miracle. (Image:

And with Silva on the pitch, the Brazilians would have stood a much better chance of organizing themselves to withstand the German onslaught.

An entire nation is in mourning

Now, the entire proud footballing nation of Brazil is in mourning. The World Cup dream is over for the host nation. Who would have ever thought it would have ended in such a devastating fashion?

The Brazilians had come to watch a football match. But in the end, they had witnessed a horror show unfolding, right in front of their eyes.

Can’t help but feel sorry for Brazil

Even though I am neither a Brazilian nor a fan of the Selecao, I really couldn’t help but feel sorry for them and their plight at the final whistle.

Would things have been different if only he could play? (Image:

Would things have been different if only Neymar had played? (Image:

This is completely and utterly crushing to any football team and a nation’s morale – especially if it is a proud footballing nation like Brazil – hosting the World Cup.

Warning signs had been there all along

But I must say that the warning signs had actually always been there – throughout the Selecao’s ride in this year’s competition.

The host nation was never seen as strong enough to actually clinch the trophy.

Lacklustre performances by the Selecao throughout the group stages and the less-than-spectacular way that they had squeezed their way past their opponents in the knockout games, sealed my opinion about this Brazilian team. If they did triumph, they would possibly be the worst Brazilian team ever to win the tournament.

Massive contrast of mood in the German camp. (Image:

Massive contrast of mood in the German camp. (Image:

As well, their weaknesses, which I think had been patched up all along by both Neymar and Silva, were brutally exposed against the mean, efficient German machine too. This ruthless Germany side showed the world what we had been fearful of – all along.

Final nail in the coffin if Argentina actually wins

And furthermore, if fierce South American rivals Argentina make the trip to the Maracana – and then win this tournament, it would really be the final nail in the coffin for the Brazilians.

However, if this is any form of consolation to the mourning Brazilian fans, I really do think that the team that has just mauled them – Germany – will lift the Fifa World Cup trophy.

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