FitLine Sports Drinks can boost athletes’ performances 

FitLine products from Germany, are marketed as high quality vitamin and mineral based supplements that serve several purposes such as improving the energy levels of athletes when they are training and competing.

FitLine products have recently become available in Singapore through PM-International Singapore Nutrition Pte Ltd, part of PM-International group, the global company behind the FitLine brand.

Athletes' energy levels can be boosted through the FitLine products. [Photo credits to CDC/ Amanda Mills]

Athletes’ energy levels can be boosted through the FitLine products.
[Photo: CDC/ Amanda Mills]


Patrick Lim, General Manager of PM-International, said, “FitLine products are made in Germany under high international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, guaranteeing quality. Results, quality and safety is the hallmark of our FitLine products. Every competitive athlete knows that besides having skills, power, strength and speed, nutrition is the vital link to achieving peak performance and winning competitions.”

He added, “The efficacy of the FitLine products is the NTC (Nutrient Transport Concept), a German sports science technology that delivers nutrients to exactly where it is needed and when it is needed to the cellular level inside out. Thus this helps the athletes to experience the results quite quickly.”

Lim also stressed that the FitLine products are not performance enhancing drugs. He added “FitLine products are listed in the Cologne List – which is associated with WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) thus assuring FitLine are safe for athletes without the fear of anabolic substances and drugs that will jeopardise their results.”


I tried out some of the FitLine products. These were the:



  • Q10 Plus – primarily contains Co-Enzyme Q10 and Vitamin E.Said Lim, “This is to support the efficient energy production during training and strength conditioning for athletes. There is Omega-3 to provide athletes with DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) to improve their brain and mental functioning.”
  • Activize OxyPlushelps to boost the VO2 max and energy levels of athletes.Said Lim, “The efficacy of these drinks is because of the NTC, which delivers nutrients to exactly where needed and when needed to the cellular level inside out, thus the athletes can experience the results quite quickly.”
Activize OxyPlus.

Activize OxyPlus.

Based on instructions from Lim, I took the Q10Plus and the Activize OxyPlus on a daily basis to give me energy throughout the day. I have been taking these FitLine drinks for a few weeks to date.

Taste wise, I had thought that both of these drinks were refreshing.

The Q10Plus has a nice, subtle orange-lemon flavour that I thought went quite well with water, though it can also be mixed in with fruit juice such as orange juice, in order to enhance the natural flavours of such beverages.

And for the Activize OxyPlus, I had rather liked the raspberry flavour that it came with. I had thought that was quite light and pleasant and enjoyable to take before my meals. However as this has to be taken three times a day, it can sometimes be hard to remember each dosage, especially if I am out.

In terms of the effects that the above two products had on me, I had noted that there were still times when I was feeling quite tired during the daytime. But then again this could have been attributed to the fact that I had not had enough sleep. For example, I would wake up in the wee hours of the morning for running training sessions and races and at the same time, go to sleep quite late at nights.
But on the days when I did get sufficient sleep, I suppose that I did feel a tad more energetic and less sleepy during the daytime though. Perhaps this could have been the effects of the FitLine at work, but I feel that more time may still be needed to gauge the effects more accurately.

Fitness Drink.

Fitness Drink.

  • Fitness Drinka sports isotonic beverage.Said Lim, “This is an isotonic drink and besides for hydration, is also used to contribute to strong muscle functioning, thus reducing fatigue and tiredness.”

I took this drink during one of my running training sessions as well as during two 10km races and one 21.1km race.

Personally, I had felt that the drink had a rather light and pleasant taste that I enjoyed. It was a light, orange flavoured beverage, significantly stronger than the Q10Plus but at the same time, it was not overpowering and enjoyable. I felt as though I was merely taking an orange flavoured fruity cordial drink rather than a sports drink.

I also gave the Fitness Drink to three of my friends – who had volunteered to test it out as well.

Said my friend Chong Wei Jung, in his early 30s and working in procurement, “The taste was cooling and tangy, with a slightly salty tinge. Overall, I thought it had a very light and refreshing taste which I could drink easily. It exceeded the taste test, in my opinion.”

Another friend, Ivy Kang, however, felt that the taste of the drink was pretty substantial and filling though. Said the 32-year-old accountant in the oil & gas industry, “The drink tasted more substantial than other energy drinks I have tried, though it was not as thick as a protein shake. It was sweet with a slightly sour taste, and didn’t have any aftertaste.”


After taking the drink myself, I did not particularly see a significant improvement in terms of the uniformity of my running splits so far. But I have noted, that the overall times that I had clocked during these races had been amongst my best finishing times in a while.

I clocked some of my best finishing times with the drink. [Photo Credits to PictureArt]

I clocked some of my best finishing times in my running, with the drink. [Photo: PictureArt]

Another friend Balaguru (Guru) Varadarajan, 27, a senior project engineer, said, “I used the drink with both running and gym workouts. It holds my thirst well but I did not get that extra push in energy that I was looking for.”

Ivy, who had used the drink for a 2km open water swim, added, “There were no side effects or reaction from the drink, and I felt some sore muscles after training. But there were no positive or negative reactions felt during the swim and I did not notice an increase in my heartbeat.”

Wei Jung however begged to differ. He said, “I did a spinning class after taking a drink. My legs were still sore from the exercises during the previous weekend but I managed to increase my distance mileage and duration during spinning. I also felt that it gave me a slight energy boost. Previously, I wouldn’t have been able to move spin at such a consistent rate.”


Besides the ones that I had tried, another couple of products that FitLine offers that are suited to athletes, are:

Vinson takes the PowerCocktail regularly. [Photo Credits to]

Vinson takes the PowerCocktail regularly. [Photo:]

  • PowerCocktail drink

    Said Lim, “This drink is a primarily vegetable based drink and is rich in natural enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, essential minerals, probiotics and fibres.”Lim also added that PowerCockTail drink is good for athletes to drink when they are training and conditioning themselves before a race. Said Lim, “During training, the athlete needs nutrients for energy, conditioning of muscles, and replenishing of depleted micro-nutrients.”

Since October 2015, Vinson Han, 42, the Business Owner of an interior decor company, has taken this PowerCocktail drink on a daily basis, together with the Activize Oxyplus.

A regular marathon runner, Vinson indicated that the two drinks have helped him to see significant improvements in his running, pointing out two 10km races in particular. One was done in September 2015 – before he had started taking FitLine products, and the other was two months after he was introduced to FitLine.

Prior to FitLine, Vinson’s average pace had been 7:14mins/km for 10km, with his kilometre splits ranging from 6:00mins/km to 9:11mins/km.

However after taking FitLine, with no extra training, Vinson had an average pace of 6:45mins/km for his 10km race, with his kilometre splits ranging from 6:07mins/km to 7:28mins/km.

Said Vinson, “The results speak for itself with no extra training.” In fact he also added that he had been amazed that his splits were less erratic.

Vinson's 10km splits before FitLine.

Vinson’s 10km splits before FitLine.

Vinson's 10km splits after taking FitLine.

Vinson’s 10km splits after taking FitLine.

  • FitLine Restorante

    Said Lim “This drink will help athletes recover quickly especially when they have multiple competitions within a short time zone.”So these drinks may help runners who have back to back races taking place on the same weekend – so that they can perform well in both races.


The products can be used by both competitive and leisure athletes.

The products can be used by both competitive and leisure athletes.

These FitLine drinks can be targeted at athletes of all levels – that is, both recreational athletes as well as the professional ones, according to Lim. As long as a person wants to be more healthy and improve his sports performance, then he can give FitLine a try.

In fact some of the athletes who have used FitLine products include international tennis stars Caroline Wozniacki and Novac Djokovic as well as Saiyidah Aisyah, a Singaporean rower who is currently in Rio to represent Singapore at the Olympics.

National goalkeeper Mohamad Izwan, 26, also uses FitLine. Said the footballer in a testimonial on the FitLine Singapore website, “FitLine helps me to recover well and concentrate better on the game.”

The FitLine range of products can be purchased in Singapore at

Thanks FitLine Singapore for giving me the opportunity to try the drinks. 

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