Go-Karting @ the Rev-Up Singapore Kartnival

All set and ready to go.

All set and ready to go.

During the weekend, participants were given the opportunity to try out go-karting at the Rev-Up Singapore Kartnival at the F1 Pit Building.

This carnival had been organised in conjunction with the Singapore Tourism Board’s Tourism 50 celebrations, to commemorate 50 years of tourism development and promotions.

As well, the Formula One’s Singapore GP being just round the corner, so I thought that their organising of a Formula One themed series of activities was definitely a great choice too.

Fortunate to receive a go-karting slot

I had been one of the fortunate participants to receive a go karting slot. It had been my first experience doing go-karting. So I was understandably feeling both nervous and excited when I made my way to the F1 Pit Building. I did not quite know what to expect.

Upon registering and being ushered into the holding area though, we were first asked to go through a short safety briefing. This helped to calm down my nerves, because it gave me a rough indication of what was in store for me.

Feeling excited and apprehensive

Listening to the safety briefing together with the other participants.

Listening to the safety briefing together with the other participants.

Soon, we were required to put on helmets and then we could finally step into the go-karts. At this point, I was feeling quite excited, but apprehensive at the same time. I got myself into a comfortable position and stepped on the accelerator… and then I was off.

Having a blast inside the go-kart

The go-karting session was extremely fun and the moment I was inside there, any anxiety or nervous feelings that I had were completely unfounded. I admit that I may not have been the fastest driver around. But the most important thing is that I really had plenty of fun, whizzing round the track and feeling the rush of the wind blowing right into me.

Eight to ten minutes later, the session ended for me – all too soon. As I got out of the go-kart, I found myself wishing that I could have had more time in there.

And that's me, go-karting for the first time.

And that’s me, trying out go-karting.

Other fringe activities at the carnival

Besides getting the chance to try go-karting though, a sport, which had initiated launched the careers of many of today’s Formula One drivers, participants also had the chance to take part in interactive activities. These included having a drive on one of the Formula One stimulators and making their own miniature cardboard Formula One cars.

As well, there were plenty of complimentary local snacks available. These were delicious kachang puteh, ice cream, candyfloss and popcorn. Never being one to resist such scrumptious looking snacks, I had some of these, and they tasted absolutely delicious.

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