Great Eastern Women’s Run 2016: The Live Great Mega Dance Fiesta

As part of the fringe activities to prepare runners for the Great Eastern Women’s Run on 13 November, the Live Great Mega Dance Fiesta took place last Saturday at the Capitol Piazza – with more than 100 ladies participating in the session.

More than 100 ladies turned up for the event. [Photo credit to GEWR]

More than 100 ladies turned up for the event.
[Photo credit to GEWR]

Session featured Kpop Dance and U-Jam

Led by trainers from True Fitness, the Live Great Mega Dance Fiesta had featured two high energy dance workouts – Kpop and U-Jam.

Combining dancing, high interval intensity training and high energy music, the aim of these workouts had been to get participants to work up a good sweat.

Participants worked up a good sweat at the session.

Participants worked up a good sweat at the session.

An intense workout

I took part in the workout and it was definitely quite intense – I had not realised that I would have been sweating so much at the session. So the cold water, 100PLUS and fruit juice that was provided to the participants were extremely refreshing. And the hydration breaks, which had been roughly half an hour apart, were certainly welcoming.

Also finding the session quite intense, had been Karen Sim, 54, who works in technical drafting. She said, “Previously I have joined running clinics, but this is my first time trying out a Kpop fitness class. It’s really something quite different to what I am used to doing.”

Participants are having fun at the session.

Added Sim, “Compared to running, this sort of workout is really no joke; I was quite surprised to find myself sweating a lot. My legs are also aching a bit. But I had so much fun and I am glad that I had given this a go. I will definitely do this sort of workout again. It also helps that I quite like listening to Kpop music.”

Session was quite fun

And working out to the beats of the lively music, made the session quite fun and so, I did not really feel as though it was a workout. So the two hours had passed by faster than I had expected.

It did not feel like a workout. [Photo credits to GEWR]

It did not feel like a workout.
[Photo credits to GEWR]

Lynn Yap, 52, a personal assistant, also had a great time at the session. She said, “I loved the workout. Everyone was so full of energy and it felt great to see so many runners of all ages and walks of life coming together to have some fun, outside of running.”

She added, “Though I have taken part in the community club Zumba classes, this is the first time I am doing such a session together with other runners – it was something different. I also liked how they put two types of dances together, which made the class quite versatile.”

Happy after the session.

Happy after the session.

Anyone can join in and follow the dance steps

Also, with the large crowd present at the session, I also felt that these type of workouts do not really discriminate whether you are good at dancing or not – anyone can join in and simply follow the steps demonstrated by the instructors on the stage.

With the Great Eastern Lion mascot.

With the Great Eastern Lion mascot.

Though of course, those who are used to dancing, may find it easier to follow the moves and steps.

Added Lily Aw, 47, an accounts executive, “For running, you can estimate your time and slow down when you are getting fatigued, but for this type of workout, you have to base it on the dance timings of the instructors – so it was quite tiring. But I really enjoyed the session and the fast pace.”


At the session, participants were also treated to an exclusive sneak preview of the GEWRxKLARRA sport accessory. This was designed by Beatrice Tan, the fashion icon and founder of local fashion label KLARRA.

Photo Credit to GEWR.

Photo Credit to GEWR.

It will subsequently go on sale on later this month.

For the first time, GEWR is collaborating with KLARRA to produce the limited edition sport accessory.

Proceeds from the sale will go towards supporting two meaningful women-related causes. These are the Breast Cancer Foundation as well as the Women’s Health Research & Education Fund.

Registrations for GEWR ends 30 September. Sign up here.

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