GuavaLabs Singapore: Exercise for FREE this month in the heart of Orchard Road

Whether you prefer the tried-and-tested gym workouts such as yoga and pilates or if you want to try something new and funky such as barre and Pound, there will be something for you at the newly opened GuavaLabs event space… a newly opened hybrid gym studio at the heart of Singapore.

The GuavaLabs event space in Singapore.

The GuavaLabs event space in Singapore.


Located at Mandarin Gallery (#04-14), GuavaLabs is a 2,000 square hybrid boutique fitness studio and event space. The first of its kind globally, GuavaLabs marks the first physical presence of the healthy living app GuavaPass, bringing its curated range of fitness classes into a single space in the heart of the city.

An online app-based community of premium fitness studios and healthy living experts in Asia, GuavaPass is based on a monthly membership and gives its members unlimited access to more than 120 gym and fitness studios, as well as to other healthy living perks across Singapore and the region. So GuavaLabs is basically the offline version of GuavaPass.

GuavaLabs is the first of its kind.

GuavaLabs is the first of its kind.

Said Rhyce Lein, 25, the General Manager of GuavaPass Singapore, “The idea for GuavaLabs to create a central studio location and community space to invite our various studio partners not only from around Singapore, but all over the region, and bring them into a central location. This will help to expose our partners’ brand to a different demographic and broaden their reach.”

He added, “We eventually plan to make GuavaLabs the central hub for the health and fitness community in Singapore. This is a very exciting time for not only GuavaPass but also for the entire wellness community. Our target audience for GuavaLabs will be office executives and members of the public who are around the central location.”


Classes and events hosted at the studio will be a collaboration between GuavaPass, their key partners and influencers.

Liv Lo, yoga instructor and TV personality will be one of GuavaLabs’ influencers. She said “GuavaPass brings together all scopes of fitness into a single app and now it is doing the same at one central location. They are doing what they do best by curating the most dynamic workouts with the best teachers in one studio lab.”

Types of classes offered ar GuavaLabs, will range across all fitness disciplines, such as yoga, bootcamp, pilates, barre, CrossFit and more, so no matter what sort of exercise you are interested in, there will be something that is tailored to meet your needs.

According to Rhyce, some of the most popular classes since GuavaLabs opened early this month, have been pilates and barre – a mixture of ballet, dance, yoga and functional training.

Said Rhyce, “We tie up with the various gym partners and they will come down to offer these classes to our members. This concept is essentially about promoting and strengthening the health and fitness community in Singapore, and giving studio partners access to new demographics at this central location. It also allows our studio partners to showcase their offerings to the wider community at large.”

One of the new workouts that GuavaLabs is offering is also Pound, a core and cardio workout that involves drumsticks and originated from Los Angeles. Said Rhyce, “People would not think that Pound is an intense workout by looking at it, but it is actually one of the toughest workouts that I have ever done. It is a dance based workout but is much more taxing than a Zumba workout.”

He added, “Actually so far, many of our classes have been close to full – our maximum number of people is 30 per class. And we have been able to attract not only our members, but also a whole new demographic of people who may not have earlier heard about GuavaPass yet are excited to find out more about this studio at Mandarin Gallery.”

Rhyce also adds that besides engaging in familiar exercises routines, using GuavaLabs is also a great opportunity to explore other types of exercises. He said, “I find that the GuavaLabs platform is a great discovery tool because its broad scope does not tie people down to one type of fitness workout; it allows them to try various types of exercises without any extra commitment needed.”

The GuavaLabs platform is also a great way to explore new types of exercises.

The GuavaLabs platform is a great way to explore new types of exercises.

He added, “So we feel that it has definitely helped to improve lives and has helped to get more people actively engaging in exercise.”


Besides being used for working out and getting sweaty, GuavaLabs is also a great community space to rest and recover – it has a drink bar stocking healthy beverages such as guava juice and coconut water, as well as a retail area to cater to the growing wellness community of Singapore.

Said Rhyce, “We want people to come into the GuavaLabs studio and grab a coffee or a coconut water, and work on their laptops in addition to participating in the classes that they want. We want to make GuavaLabs into a working space, fitness studio and a wellness centre.”

He added, “We will also have nutritionists who will be coming down to the GuavaLabs studio and we are encouraging people to come in and have discussions with these fitness experts.”

Kilter Avenue, a boutique studio offering boot camp training, is one of GuavaLabs’ partners.

GuavaLabs Studio is also a great place to rest and recover.

GuavaLabs Studio is also a great place to rest and recover.

Said Kilter Avenue co-founder Rajeev Singh, “We love the direction that GuavaPass and GuavaLabs is taking, providing a one-stop balanced lifestyle solution for everyone. We are excited to be a part of this, moving forward, and to help develop a new direction for the fitness scene in Singapore.”


Rhyce is also confident that the GuavaLabs concept will take off in Singapore.

He said “I have seen a dramatic shift in the health and fitness industry in Singapore in the past four years, with lots of boutique studios opening and people becoming more conscious about what they are eating. So a concept like this will definitely be embraced by the local community.”


We were invited to a tour of the GuavaLabs event space.

We were invited to a tour of the GuavaLabs event space.

Members of the media and influencers were invited to a tour of the newly opened GuavaLabs recently, and I thought that the setup had looked small and cosy, with the central space open for working out, and plenty of gym equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells and yoga mats positioned at one corner.

At the other corner was the lifestyle space – complete with comfortable plush chairs and a small space where a small selection of sports tee shirts, shorts and other equipment were on sale. And according to Rhyce, the selection of these sporting goods on sale will change regularly depending on who they are able to tie up with for that period.


To celebrate the launch of GuavaLabs this month, they are offering ONE MONTH of FREE classes throughout August for the public.

You can sign up for your free GuavaLabs class here. 

While walk-ins are welcome to attend the gym classes according to Rhyce, there is only limited vacancies for walk-in customers, so those who are keen to attend a class are still recommended to place a booking, to ensure their slot.

After the promotion period though, fitness buffs can purchase GuavaCredits to use for booking upcoming classes and events.

Book a class here. 

Photos used in the post are courtesy of GuavaLabs.

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