Leicester City: Can they actually win the Barclays Premier League?

Last Saturday’s convincing 3-1 win against Manchester City has most possibly meant one thing – it certainly looks as though the Foxes can win the Premier League title.

With many of their title rivals dropping points of late, the fairy tale for the Foxes could just become a reality.

Leicester City can live the fairytale and win the Premier League this season. [Photo from 6500500.pl]

Leicester City can live the fairytale and win the Premier League this season.
[Photo from 6500500.pl]

Playing very convincing football

Leicester City have been playing convincing football all season and right now they are playing probably the best football in the entire League. Whenever they’re expected to slip up, they come up with a string of even more convincing results.

For example, when they lost to Spurs in the FA Cup and everyone assumed that the bubble had burst, Leicester responded with an emphatic 3-0 victory against Stoke City in the Premier League in their very next game.

Passed every test thrust at them

They have practically passed every test that the Premier League has tossed at them. For instance, when they lost to Liverpool on Boxing Day and everyone thought that signalled the end of the Foxes title challenge, they responded with a 0-0 draw against the mighty Manchester City.

In fact, if you look at how they have been performing, the Foxes have lost only twice this season – this is the fewest number of defeats in the League by a single club. As well, Foxes forward, James Vardy, has delivered very considering performances and is currently the leading goalscorer in the Premier League with 18 goals to date.

Playing like champions

Almost certainly, there is no doubt that the Foxes are currently playing like champions at the moment.

For instance, did you see the way that they simply tore apart the million-dollar team of Manchester City? At no point in the match, did it appear as though the Blue team from Manchester, would ever get back into the game.

And this is not the way that a team which is only relying on a lucky string of victories for their league ranking – would be playing. No, it shows that Leicester City are full of confidence and have belief in themselves.

With their victory against Man City on Saturday, it also means that Leicester are five points clear at the summit of the table with 13 games left to go. Their closest challengers in the table, Arsenal and Tottenham are both on 48 points – following Arsenal’s win last night at Bournemouth. That is a great position to be in for Leicester City, and if they can keep it up, an unlikely champion may just be crowned.

Leicester City are playing like champions. [Photo credit to www.skysports.com]

Leicester City are playing like champions.
[Photo credit to www.skysports.com]

Of course though, teams have slipped up from such positions before. For example, it happened to Norwich City in the 1992/1993 season. With six games to go, the Canaries had been one point clear at the summit of the table. But when the end of the season came, they had finished third, losing the title to Manchester United.

Do not have distractions on their way to glory

Unlike the so-called elite teams of the Premier League, such as Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea, it must also be noted that Leicester does not have any other distractions in their quest for Premier League glory.

While their rivals are participating in other competitions, be it domestic cups or European competition, Leicester are out of both Cups and they do not have European games to contend with. So their legs would be feeling the freshest and their minds will be able to focus wholly on the League. That is one major factor pointing in their favour.

Despite Leicester City’s high tempo and energetic playing style, the fact they have fewer upcoming games means that Leicester will have time to recover after each fixture too, unlike their rivals, who have to constantly mix and match their squads due to fixture pile-ups. Leicester has 13 games left to play to the end of the season, unlike say, Tottenham who have 26 left. The extra matches can make a huge difference to how a team plays.

Winnable games left

As well, after analysing many of the remaining 13 games that Leicester City still have left, many of them are winnable. They also have seven games at home. And while they may have Arsenal in their next fixture, as well as Manchester United and Chelsea in the final two weeks of the season, who’s to say that the so-called status quo can’t be upset, once again?

And who’s to say that Leicester City won’t actually spring some surprises – and win most of these games? They have already showed they could upset top teams in their comprehensive defeat of Manchester City.

Of course, as a Gooner, if there’s any team that I want to see win the title, it’s definitely Arsenal. But if the Gunners can’t make it, then I would say, better Leicester City rather than anybody else.

And for Leicester City’s Manager, Raneiri, it must surely be icing on the cake, for the Foxes to be crowned champions…against Chelsea, the team that had sacked him.

Leicester City have been lucky with injuries this season. [Photo from www.mstarz.com]

Leicester City have been lucky with injuries this season.
[Photo from www.mstarz.com]

Lucky with injuries 

However for a club without a huge and expensive squad, we must note that Leicester City’s good run of form has been largely due to the fact that they have been rather lucky with injuries.

For example, their squad combined has had 15 separate cases of players ending up on the treatment table, unlike say, Manchester City whose side have been afflicted by a combined 51 injuries and in the case of Manchester United, 40.

And then again, as long as the clubs luck continues to hold out on the injury front, we may be witnessing a fairy tale become a reality…

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