Lucozade now comes in new 325ml slim can packaging

Originating from the United Kingdom, Lucozade is the trusted sports drink for many sports lovers, professionals and associations alike. On top of their existing range, Lucozade Sport will be now offered in a refreshing 325ml slim can packaging in a carbonated and original flavour. This will make it convenient for one-shot consumption.

Lucozade had sent me a press kit containing six slim cans. The slim cans are rather convenient; they fit quite easily in the palm and as such, they are easy to hold in one hand for grab-and-go purposes.

For Lucozade’s new carbonated beverage, this is something that I would probably drink after a run or a race to restore my energy levels, rather than beforehand or during the race. This is because when I am running, I admit that I am not a huge fan of taking carbonated beverages, as the gas tends to come out from both the front and the back ends, and this may also upset my stomach slightly, at the same time.

But after a run or race though, I can then sip the Lucozade slowly and the size of the 325ml can is also just right to rehydrate my body, without me feeling full or bloated after the run. The drink may be sweet, but then again, the sugar rush is also good to provide me with instant energy.

Enjoyed by people from all walks of life

Lucozade is enjoyed by people from all walks of life, from professional sportsmen, to gym goers and amateur sports contestants and the general public. To Lucozade, every sports journey is meaningful and rewarding to different people in their own ways.

Your Sport, Your Rules Campaign

In conjunction with the launch of their new product, Lucozade is also introducing a new campaign titled Your Sport Your Rules. This is being launched to send the message that Lucozade has all sports enthusiasts’ backs in every facet of their fitness journeys. It is aimed at embracing and validating different sports regardless of the level of physical intensity.

Too often, people believe that sports is only meant for the young, fit and results driven, but Lucozade is an advocate of being active at your own pace in your chosen fitness journey, be it a casual workout or training for a competition.

Hydration partner for Tri-Factor Series

As well, Lucozade is the official hydration partner for the Tri-Factor Series, a four legged mass participation event comprising of a swimming, biking and running leg, and a finale triathlon, that is taking place in a number of countries across Asia. Customised medals such as Most Inspiring, Most Unexpected and Fair Play, are being given to participants to encourage them to carry on doing, what they do best.

Activations at sport venues and mass transit areas

At sports venues and mass transit areas this month and next month across Singapore, Lucozade will also be carrying out various hydration activations where they will be giving out more than 30,000 cans to the public.

I saw one hydration activation at East Coast Park recently, where people were walking around with backpacks of Lucozade, complete with a tap and dispenser, strapped to their backs. I was slowly cycling back home after my exercise session that day, so I must say that seeing the the Lucozade being dispensed out, could not have come at a better time.

Where to buy the cans

The 325ml slim cans of Lucozade are available at supermarkets, hypermarkets convenience stores and petrol marts across Singapore. For more information, do go to

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