Adrenaline Rush @ Sentosa’s Megazip Adventure Park, Siloso Beach (Plus Video)

Located amidst the lush treetops just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Siloso Beach in Sentosa, the Megazip Adventure Park is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Featuring four thrilling adventures of varying difficulty and energy levels, it is certainly an extreme experience that will give you both a good workout as well as the adrenaline rush that you are dying for.

Megazip end point @ the Sentosa Megazip Adventure Park, Singapore.

Megazip end point @ the Sentosa Megazip Adventure Park, Singapore


This is a thrilling ride down a 450m long flying fox that brings you from the treetop canopy all the way down to the heart of Siloso Beach. It is touted to be one of the longest flying fox zip wires in Singapore.

Megazip flying fox zip lines (top view).

Megazip flying fox zip lines (top view).

I must admit that I felt a bit scared when I was initially at the launching platform. While this was not my first time on a flying fox, I have never previously been on one as long as this! I also found myself subconsciously wondering what would happen if there were technical faults and the flying fox got stuck in mid-air. My heart raced at double the normal speed.

But towards the end of the ride though, I have to say that I was starting to enjoy the lovely aerial view of the white, sandy Siloso Beach. And yes, the entire ride went smoothly. The whole trip took less than two minutes – and when I alighted, I even found myself going back a second time.


A 40-feet (three storeys) high obstacle course, this challenge

A section of the Climbmax rope obstacle course.

A section of the Climbmax rope obstacle course.

has three levels and 36 obstacles, with a total of 12 per level. These include walking across swaying bridges, climbing across nettings and jumping across gaps in between platforms. As part of the Climbmax package, participants could choose two out of the three levels to challenge themselves with.

As I didn’t have too much experience in completing such obstacle courses, I opted for Levels 1 and 2. I reasoned that I could always take up the tougher Level 3 obstacles at another time when I have more experience.

I found some of the obstacles relatively simple, for example, there was one where participants simply had to run across a wide swaying wooden bridge. This didn’t require too much balance and I was simply able to make my way across without much trouble.

Climbmax rope bridges seen prominently above the forest tree canopy.

Climbmax rope bridges seen prominently above the forest tree canopy.

Other obstacles were relatively challenging though. The one that I had some trouble beating, was an obstacle on a swaying bridge that was constructed like four swings positioned side by side. It required participants to literally move from one swing to another, in order to clear the obstacle. With the constant motion of the swings, this certainly wasn’t easy at all and I found myself having some difficultly clearing it.

Overall though, I would say that Climbmax is a great workout for the arms – but you really have to overcome a fear of heights, because even the Level One obstacles are a substantial height above the ground. Do not attempt Level Three unless you are confident about not freezing up, when you are 40m above the ground.


The Northface rock wall.

The Northface rock wall.

This is a 16-metre high rock wall that participants must climb. It is said to be one of the highest rock walls in Singapore.

I didn’t climb this rock wall myself though, because I had used up too much arm strength in Climbmax to tackle another arm challenge. But from my observations, it appears to be quite tough to scale. This is because the rock protrusions are rather tiny and spaced relatively widely apart.

But that said, if I am feeling particularly adventurous again on another occasion, I might decide to have a go. After all, I have always enjoyed the challenge of rock climbing.


This is a 15m (five storey) high free fall that is meant to simulate a fall from a parachute plunge.

I didn’t do this challenge myself, but from observing others, it definitely seemed quite scary. When you are up there on the platform, it completely goes against all logic to be jumping straight off this platform and plunging straight down into thin air.

As I watched, I wondered what was going through the minds of the jumpers and how they were feeling about their plunge. Some people get an adrenaline rush but others simply scream all the way down, as though they are experiencing their worst nightmare.

But I suppose that once you are able to get over this initial fear of jumping down from a height, then it would be totally enjoyable. And you would be on the ground before you know it – all within a few seconds.

(See the video below for what the ParaJump would look like)

My “Adventures at Sentosa Megazip Adventure Park” Video


For pricing and more details, check out their website:

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    Great write up for the 4 attractions’ features and your experience =)

    I am sure you had a good time there and will come back for climbmax level 3 and the rock climbing attraction. Climbmax at its highest level really can be challenging.

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