New TomTom Touch Cardio Fitness Sports Tracker Released

TomTom Sports has now extended its fitness tracker range with the new TomTom Touch Cardio. With this launch, TomTom hopes to reinforce its commitment to creating sports wearables that inspire people to get going at a more accessible price range.

TomTom is extending their Touch range

Said Corinne Vigreux, Co-Founder and Managing Director, TomTom Consumer “We know that many people don’t necessarily see exercise as an activity but an integrated part of their daily lives. They try to stay fit and healthy by walking, taking the stairs and doing groceries. We are extending our TomTom Touch range with this tracker for the fitness optimist to help more people understand how fit they are and inspire them to take that first step towards a more active lifestyle.”

Heart rate monitoring throughout the day and an accurate representation of calories burned

The TomTom Touch Cardio’s heart rate monitoring function tracks the heart throughout the day and adds to a more accurate calculation of the calories burned when exercising. This measures the true intensity of how hard you are exerting yourself and at the same time gives insights into your fitness levels. Also, to ensure that each minute counts, it captures your steps, active time, calories and sleep, to help you set goals and observe trends, as well as to stay on track with your workouts.

The new tracker also contains an elegant design for everyday usage. It is sleek and slim according to TomTom and has a range of colourful high quality straps to match your style.

This comes after the successful introduction of the TomTom Touch Cardio + Body Composition, launched in September last year as the first fitness tracker in Singapore with body analysis, steps taken, and all day heart rate tracking from the wrist.

Tracker is connected to the TomTom Sports App

The tracker is also connected to the TomTom Sports App to compare stats such as steps, heart rate and calories burned, and activity trends and comparisons. It also has social sharing functions and the stats and charts help identify what works for you and what helps you to remain motivated.

Where to get the TomTom Touch Cardio

The TomTom Touch Cardio retails at S$159 and is available for sale in Singapore at as well as at Challenger, Harvey Norman, Hachi.Tech, Lazada and other leading electronics and sports outlets in Singapore, from end May onwards.

All photos in this post are courtesy of TomTom Sports.

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