OCBC Cycle Singapore Accident 2014: Cyclist in Critical Condition

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While taking part in the OCBC Cycle Singapore yesterday, a cyclist, Chia Wee Kiak, met with a serious accident.

The cyclist was found lying in a facedown position at the bottom of a slope at the Tanjong Rhu Flyover area, according to reports.

There was a serious accident at OCBC Cycle Singapore 2014. (Image taken from Kelvin Tan, Facebook)

There was a serious accident at OCBC Cycle Singapore 2014. (Image taken from Kelvin Tan, Facebook)

The accident had taken place at around 5.30am early on Sunday morning. Wee Kiak was competing in the 59km Super Challenge category at the OCBC Cycle Singapore race.

Serious Skull Fracture

He was reported to have undergone two major operations on both sides of his brain, due to having suffered a serious fracture in his skull.

He is currently in a critical condition at the hospital and is being closely monitored by the medical team.

Appeal for Witnesses

There is an appeal for witnesses to the incident, especially amongst those who had taken part in the 59km Super Challenge category and may have seen the incident. The family and relatives of Wee Kiak are eager to find out answers to what may have happened yesterday morning.

If you saw the incident, please come forward as a witness. You may contact Angel Soo @97233063 or Kelvin Tan @ 91141286, who are both cousins of Wee Kiak.

Safety Measures

Cycling accidents are sometimes unavoidable, so here are a few basic safety tips for all cyclists.

Wear a helmet

Whenever you are cycling, always wear a helmet. Having one on will definitely protect your head from injury. In fact, a helmet should be worn not only in cycling races, but also during training sessions too.

Moreover, it is important that your helmet is positioned correctly and it fits snugly – to protect you against accidents.

Wear elbow and kneepads

This may seem basic, but even experienced cyclists may sometimes forego these types of protection.

But you never know when you may fall. And if you do, then these elbow and kneepads may be the difference between sustaining a minor graze and a serious one. So do take precautions and be safe rather than sorry.

Wear tight fitting pants

Try to wear tight fitting pants that fit snugly on you whenever you cycle – so that they don’t catch onto parts of the bike. Donning padded cycling shorts will be the best choice, even though such merchandise may not always come cheap.

Also, do take note that wide bottomed pants are a no-no, because they may catch onto the pedals of the bike or other parts and cause you to fall off as a result.

Tie your shoelaces properly

As your shoelaces may come loose and latch onto some parts of the bike, you must make sure that you tie these tightly – to prevent accidents from happening.


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