Puma Launches New Arsenal 2015/2016 Away Kit

We all follow the Arsenal

Over land and sea and Singapore

We all follow the Arsenal

Onto victory…

The chanting by the Arsenal fans at the Esplanade grew louder and more contagious than ever, as each second passed by.  It was getting closer and closer to the moment when the 2015/2016 Puma Arsenal Away Kit would be launched.

Unveiling of the Puma Arsenal Away Kit.

Unveiling of the Puma Arsenal Away Kit.

A five-metre tall replica of the red & white Arsenal Puma Home Kit stood upright on the stage, but nobody paid any attention at all to it. After all, everyone had come to see the away kit – and they were chanting louder by the minute, to take a look at it.

Atmosphere became more electric 

As the time ticked away, the atmosphere became more and more electric. The local Arsenal fans were completely in their element by now and I too, found myself getting completely absorbed by it all.

Ten seconds to go… Then Nine… Eight… Seven… Six…

I could feel the buzz and sheer electricity. I found myself gradually getting goosebumps and the hairs on my arm were also standing on end.

"I'm dressed and ready. What shall I do now?"

“I’m dressed and ready. What shall I do now?”

…Three… Two… One…

The away kit would be unveiled any moment now. I could feel the tension coursing through the air.

Suddenly, colourful lighting sizzled across a giant projector screen placed on the stage. Every single Arsenal fan at the Esplanade clapped and cheered so loudly that it was totally deafening.

And the replica of the red & white Arsenal home kit on the stage also started sizzling. Lighting streamed across it… with the colours changing from red and white, to purple, blue and yellow. The cheering was totally infectious and contagious and the fans were deafening… but I was lapping up every single moment of it.

Then… bam!

The sizzling lighting gave way to the brand new Arsenal away kit… which appeared on the giant five-metre projector – in all its rich gold and yellow glory.

Ten Arsenal first-team players appeared in the new away strip

Then ten Arsenal first-team players pranced onto the stage – fully decked out in their brand new away kit.

Mikel Arteta, Hector Bellerin, Olivier Giroud, Santi Cazorla, Mathieu Flamini, Mesut Oezil, Petr Cech, Wojciech Szczesny, Jack Wilshere, and Gabriel – had stopped kicking a football to be mannequins.

The entire crowd went totally wild at the mere sight of their footballing heroes modelling the brand new kit.

Two football fans were also fortunate enough to interact with their heroes. They were selected through the answering of quiz questions earlier in the evening, during the launch event organised by Puma. Civil servant Eric Ong, 37, was one of them. He said, “It was a privilege to have Arsenal stage their away kit launch event in Singapore and me being up on stage was a bonus. I was delighted to be there and I think a lot of people would have loved to be in my position. I am also proud for our country to be showcased to Arsenal fans around the world, through this launch event.”

Posing in the new kits by the waterfront.

Arsenal players are now mannequins parading their new away kit

Added Ong, “While I was up there, I also took the opportunity to ask Mikel (Arteta) how he’s feeling, as he had been out injured for a long spell last season. He said that he’s good and I was delighted to hear that.”

Kit is a combination of Arsenal and Puma’s heritage

The new away strip is a combination of both Arsenal and Puma’s heritage, with a design that can be interpreted as a classic Puma football graphic combined with an art deco “A” which was inspired by Arsenal’s history. The main body is a deep rich gold, an evolution of Arsenal’s traditional away yellow tones and it features a diamond graphic that repeats across the front and back panels.

The design of the shirt has similarities with this season’s home kit, which includes Puma’s classic Form Strip as a mesh on the shoulders and the dropped back panel. The neck is crew-shaped with a V-shaped insert and the final design details include gold-trimmed sleeves and underarm mesh inserts for breathability.

Interview in progress.

“So what do you think of the new away kit?”

Arsenal fans at the event completely loved the look of the new away kit. Said lawyer Eddy Hirono, 27, “I think the kit has a real retro feel to it. Usually, having diamonds on a shirt can make it look gaudy but they really pulled it off well here. I am really pleased with the shirt – so my friend and I will be buying it.”

Added his friend Gary Hoon, 27, a banker, “Even though the shirt uses the traditional away colours of yellow and blue, the gold-yellow colour with the diamond design makes it look visually stunning. I love it.”

The away replica kit and full collection are now available at both Puma and Weston retail outlets as well as online at www.puma.com and www.arsenaldirect.com.

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