Get All Foamed Up at the 5km Foam Run in Sentosa

Enjoy the fun and foam at the inaugural 5K Foam Run in Singapore next month. (image from

Enjoy the fun and foam at the inaugural 5K Foam Run in Singapore next month. (image from

Do you love those New Year countdown parties in Sentosa, at Siloso Beach? If so, then you should definitely check out the 5km Foam Run next month – which is taking place in Singapore for the first time ever.

Challenging but fun obstacle course

Taking place on 24 and 25 May on Sentosa island, this 5km fun run promises you lots of non-stop fun and action.

For this non-timed run, there will be plenty of challenging obstacles along the way to keep you occupied. These obstacles include inflatable slides – with lots of water and foam. So do be prepared to get wet!

The run will appeal to everyone

The 5km Foam Run will be a great day out, for you and your family or friends to have fun together and simply enjoy yourselves.

Regardless of whether you are a serious runner or a casual jogger looking for more motivation to exercise, the 5km Foam Run will definitely appeal to you. Even if you are a couch potato, taking part in this run will most certainly kick-start your exercise routine!

Race Route

The 5km race route will bring you through Sentosa, with runners jogging along the white, sandy Siloso and Palawan beaches. So you will definitely be able to take some very scenic pictures along the way.

Cost of the event

Currently, registrations are still open and this run will set you back by $78 per person.

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