Benefits Of Joining A Running Club

There are many reasons why joining a running club can be beneficial, regardless of whether you are a beginner or already a seasoned runner.

Here are some benefits.

Joining a running club offers many benefits. (Image: Team Fatbird).

Joining a running club offers many benefits. (Image: Team Fatbird).

It provides companionship during runs

Sometimes, running can be quite lonely, especially when you are out there pounding the miles all by yourself. So by running with a club you will get like-minded people to talk to, while you are pounding the pavement.

At the same time, by going for those long runs together with a group, you will also be able to chitchat with each other and this may even help your running to become more enjoyable than ever.

You can also go for that post-run or post-race makan session with club members – and further bond with fellow runners.

Fellow club members’ stories may help to inspire you

At a running club you will definitely meet those inspiring runners who have completed 50 marathons and counting, or the ones who have just come back from a 100km ultra-marathon race and are looking for more.

Listen to their moving stories and get their tips and advice. Hearing these may be a great inspiration for you.

A good form of training motivation

A running club can also be a great form of motivation for training. For example, if you have signed up for a marathon but you feel as though you are not able to cope with the training, then joining a running group might just give you that extra push that you need, to continue training and actually complete that race.

Can Meet training partners at clubs

At running groups, you will definitely be able to meet others whom you can train with, and become friends.

Running groups have beginners to intermediate and advanced runners, so you will definitely be able to find runners with the same running abilities as you – to maybe train with.

Safer to run in a group

If you are training for a trail race or for a night race, it may not be so safe to go out and run by yourself – especially if you are a female. But by joining a running group, members can do trail training or night sessions together. While running together, other members may be able to show you the ropes and you will pick up more running skills this way.

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