Best Running Apps For Your Smartphone

In the past, getting running gear was simply about finding a good pair of running shoes and nothing more. But in today’s digital landscape, running has become a much more technologically advanced sport, with many smartphone apps out there in the market to track your running time, distance, pace and calories as well.

There are a large variety of running apps available, so you may be confused at which ones are the best. But do not fret. Here are some of the more highly recommended and popular ones that you can consider downloading.



You have probably heard of Runkeeper. It is definitely one of the most popular apps around for sport and fitness, with an estimated 12 million users worldwide.

Runkeeper gives users the ability to track their pace, distance, time and calories during training sessions and races. As well, users can also get useful statistics on their progress and find out whether they have been making improvements from one training session to the next.

Users can also receive notifications when they have clocked a new personal best, be it in terms of their distance run, speed or time so this is another huge motivator to run, in itself.

Runkeeper also gives users the ability to share their runs on Facebook or Twitter, so that you can let your friends know that, for example, you have just completed a marathon with a new personal best timing.

You can download this app from the iTunes App store and the Google Play store. The basic edition is free, but the “upgraded” version costs US$9.99.



This is another popular GPS-based running app and it also allows you to easily track your running workouts by monitoring your time, distance, pace and calories. In this way, what it measures is quite similar to Runkeeper and many runners swear by this app. The ability to share your run is also present in this app, like Runkeeper.

An interesting feature about this app is that it recommends routes for you, if you are getting quite tired of the same old running route around your estate. Some of these routes may be ones that you have never thought of – so this is certainly worth exploring.

You can download this app from the iTunes App store and the Google Play store. The basic edition is free of charge but contains ads. (Continue)



This app is not just a running app – it is a complete fitness and calorie-tracking app in itself. Designed in tandem with the Health Promotion Board, it is specifically relevant to Singaporeans and gives you information on the calories present in a wide variety of your favourite local dishes, such as chicken rice, laksa and chilli crab. So you will know whether you are overeating or not.

iDat also gives users the ability to track calories burned through a variety of workouts, ranging from the more popular sports like running to cycling to other interesting sports, such as dancing, rock climbing or canoeing.

You can download this app from the iTunes App store and the Google Play store.

Zombies, Run!


This is a very interesting fitness app, because it gives you real motivation to run – by making zombies chase after you. Try running at night with this app. You will be completely creeped out – so you will get a good speed workout.

A cross between a fitness app and a video game, Zombies Run tells you an interesting audio story about the zombie apocalypse while you are running, complete with intriguing characters and an ongoing chapter-like storyline that makes you just want to carry on forever. Once you immerse yourself into this zombie universe, you won’t be able to stop running. In my opinion, this is one of the more effective running apps.

You can download this app from the iTunes App store and the Google Play store.

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