Prevent Joint Pains with BRAND’S ActivMove

Our joints are important to us in our daily activities. We make full use of them to support our weight when we, for example, jog, ride a bike or even when we take a short walk. Yet we hardly think about our joints – until it is too late and wear and tear sets in.

BRAND'S ActivMove can prevent joint pains.

BRAND’S ActivMove can prevent joint pains.

Joint aches and pains can be frustrating

Indeed, activities such as the above, can lead to wear and tear of our joints, just like a car. As such, this can lead to joint aches and pains – which can be very frustrating and restricts our daily activities, sometimes even immobilising us.

The most common form of joint pains is known as Osteoarthritis and it affects 40 per cent of the adult population in Singapore. Yet only 10 per cent seek medical treatment.

Take early precautions against joint damage

So taking early precautions will allow us to carry on with our active lifestyles. The BRAND’S ActivMove with FlexiBoost is formulated as a solution for joint maintenance and protection.

This contains UC-II and Hydrolyzed Type II Collagen that alleviates joint pains to help you perform at your best. There is 40 mg of UC-II per tablet – this is a novel ingredient that has been extracted from natural food sources. UC-II works with the immune system to reduce inflammation and protect the existing cartilage structure, UC-II helps to promote the repair of damaged cartilage to maintain the flexibility of your joints.

And Vitamin C is added to the tablets to protect the joints from further degeneration and kill any free radicals.

The recommended dosage for BRAND’S ActivMove is one tablet a day. It is available at Watsons, Guardian, Unity Pharmacy and at SGD64.00 for a pack of 30 tablets.

Redeem a free fitness tracker

You can redeem a free Mi fitness tracker with BRAND'S ActivMove.

You can redeem a free Mi Band fitness tracker with two packs of BRAND’S ActivMove.

From now till 15 December, consumers who accumulate purchases of two packs of BRAND’S ActivMove can redeem a free Mi Band fitness tracker, worth SGD19.90. This tracker will keep tabs on the number of steps taken daily and tracks activities. The promotion is valid while stocks last.

You can redeem a free fitness tracker with BRAND'S ActivMove.

A Mi Band fitness tracker and BRAND’S ActivMove.

For redemption of the tracker, attach the proof of purchase from the respective outlets and send your name, home address, contact number and email address to BRAND’S ActivMove, 18 Cross Street, #12-01/08 China Square Central, Singapore 048423

For more information, contact the BRAND’S Customer Care Line at 1800 732 4748 between 9am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays or log into

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